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05:30 Asian Physics and Software Meeting
05:30 Higgs branching ratio study (Ono, H.)
05:40 Anomalous HVV coupling (Ogawa, T.)
05:50 Higgs to gamma+gamma and mu+mu (Calancha, C.)
06:00 Higgs self-coupling study (Tian, J.)
06:10 Recoil mass study (Yan, J.)
06:20 Higgs self-coupling with H->WW* (Kurata, M.)
06:30 Higgs CP properties in tau decays (Jeans, D.)
06:40 Higgs to tau tau study (Kawada, S.)
06:50 b-tag systematic error study (Dubey, A.)
07:00 Higgs recoil / CP odd Higgs search (Watanuki, S.)
07:10 Charged Higgs search in WH (Shinzaki, Y.)
07:20 Top Yukawa study (Sudo, Y.)
07:30 qqH recoil study (Tomita, T.)
07:40 study of single W process (Tsuchimoto, K.)
07:50 Software issues (Miyamoto, A.)