LCWS08 and ILC08
from Saturday, November 15, 2008 (05:00) to Thursday, November 20, 2008 (18:00)

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Monday, November 17, 2008
ILC: Sources (until 10:00) (UIC Forum Meeting Room I)
08:30  Positron source update - Jim Clarke (STFC Daresbury Lab)  
09:00  Undulator Manufacture and Measurement - James Rochford (STFC)  
09:20  Positron Source integration update - Norbert Collomb (STFC)  
ILC: Damping Rings (until 10:05) (UIC Forum Meeting Room G)
08:30  Introduction to DR Sessions - Andrzej Wolski (Cockcroft Institute and University of Liverpool)  
08:35  CesrTA Status, Schedule and Recent Results - Mark Palmer (Cornell University LEPP)  
09:05  Update on electron cloud studies at KEKB - Yusuke Suetsugu (KEK)  
09:25  Preliminary simulation results for e-cloud induced instability at DAFNE - Theo Demma (INFN-LNF)  
09:45  Update on Recent TE Wave Measurements (via WebEx) - Stefano De Santis (LBNL - CBP)  
ILC: Main Linac (until 10:00) (UIC Forum Main Hall C)
08:30  Summary of TTC (Delhi) cavity discussion - Hasan Padamsee (Cornell)  
08:55  New 9 cell cavity results at Jlab - Rongli Geng (Jlab)  
09:15  STF-EP,VT commissioning using AES001 - Hitoshi Hayano (KEK)  
09:30  Status of alternative cavities [webex] - Lutz Lilje (DESY) Rongli Geng (Jlab)  
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09:45  Optical inspection update and material study at Jlab - Rongli Geng (Jlab)  
ILC: Beam Delivery System (until 10:00) (UIC Forum Meeting Room E)
08:30  BDS status and work plan  
08:35  BDS design and plans - Andrei Seryi (SLAC)  
08:45  Project manager's view - Marc Ross (FNAL)  
08:55  BDS optics and minimal machine study - Deepa Angal-Kalinin (STFC Daresbury)  
09:15  Discussion of min machine -- what is acceptable and what is not. Discussion leaders: - Deepa Angal-Kalinin (STFC Daresbury) Andrei Seryi (SLAC)  
09:30  Collimation system status and plans - Nigel Watson (Birmingham HEP)  
09:45  Vacuum science status and plans - Oleg Malyshev (ASTeC, STFC Daresbury Laboratory, UK) Michael Sullivan (SLAC)  
ILC: Conventional Facilities (until 10:00) (UIC Forum Meeting Room F)
08:30  Overview of Work to Date - Victor Kuchler (Fermilab)  
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08:45  Value Engineering and Design Status - Emil Huedem (FNAL)  
09:30  HVAC Design Status - Lee Hammond (FNAL)  
ILC: Accelerator Simulation including beam dynamics (until 10:00) (UIC Forum Meeting Room E)
08:30  Join BDS Group  
LCWS: Higgs and EWSB (until 10:00) (SCE 302)
08:30  H --> mu mu assuming Mh=120 GeV and Ecm=250 GeV - Jan Strube (University of Oregon)  
09:00  Higgs Cubic Coupling and Electroweak Phase Transition - Maxim Perelstein (Cornell University)  
09:30  Analysis of 4-jet mode in ZHH - Yosuke Takubo (Tohoku University)  
LCWS: Tracking/Vertex (until 10:15) (SCE 613)
08:30  "Status of LCFI" - Andrei Nomerotski (University of Oxford)  
08:45  "R&D status of (Sensors for the) FPCCD vertex detector" - Yasuhiro Sugimoto (KEK)  
09:00  "Development of Readout ASIC for FPCCD Vertex Detector" - Yosuke Takubo (Tohoku University)  
09:15  "The ILC DEPFET prototype: Report of the Test Beam at CERN 2008" - Carlos Marinas Pardo (Instituto de Fisica Corpuscular (IFIC)-Universitat de Valencia-U)  
09:30  "DEPFETs for the ILC: Status and Plans" - Ladislav Andricek (MPI Munchen)  
LCWS: Calorimetry and Muon Detection - Raymond Frey (U of Oregon) (until 10:00) (SCE 605)
08:30  Recent Tests of Various RPCs Using KPiX - Henry Band (U Wisconsin)  
08:50  Particle Identification in 4th - John Hauptman (Iowa State)  
09:10  TCMT and combined analysis - Patrick Salcido  
09:30  Test beam studies of muon strips with MPPC - Paul Rubinov  
LCWS: Simulation and Reconstruction (until 10:00) (UIC Forum Event Center (theater))
08:30  Mokka status and latest developments - Gabriel Musat (CNRS)  
08:50  Going ahead with Mokka - Paulo Mora de Freitas (LLR)  
09:10  ILD Software Status - Preparations for the LOI - Frank Gaede (DESY)  
09:30  ALCPG Software Status - Preparations for the LOI - Norman Graf (SLAC)  
LCWS: IDAG (until 10:00) (UIC Forum Meeting Room H)
10:00 --- coffee break ---
ILC: Accelerator Simulation including beam dynamics (until 12:00) (UIC Forum Meeting Room E)
10:30  Join BDS Group  
ILC: Beam Delivery System (until 12:00) (UIC Forum Meeting Room E)
10:30  BDS status and work plan, continued (Beam Dynamics will join us)  
10:35  ILC BDS and ATF2 (including if one can test travelling focust at ATF2) - Andrei Seryi (SLAC)  
10:40  Discussion about common issues for CLIC and ILC BDS design - Daniel Schulte (CERN)  
11:00  MDI, FF Magnets, Anti-Solenoid, Anti-DID & ATF2 Tests - Brett Parker (BNL)  
11:20  ILC and CLIC luminosity performance w. intra-train feedback - Javier Resta Lopez (JAI, Oxford University)  
11:40  Latest beam test results of FONT4 ILC intra-train feedback system prototype - Philip Burrows (Oxford University)  
ILC: Conventional Facilities (until 12:00) (UIC Forum Meeting Room F)
10:30  VE and Design Status KEK - atsushi Enomoto (KEK)  
11:00  Cooling and Ventilation for CLIC - Joaquin Inigo-Golfin  
11:30  Dubna JINR Update - Grigori Shirkov (Joint Institute for Nuclear Research)  
ILC: Damping Rings (until 12:00) (UIC Forum Meeting Room G)
10:30  CesrTA Simulation Overview and Status - Gerald Dugan (Cornell University)  
10:50  Electron cloud simulations at LBNL - Christine Celata (LBNL)  
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11:10  Recent Results from SLAC (via WebEx) - Mauro Pivi (SLAC)  
11:30  Code Benchmarking and Preliminary RFA Modeling for CesrTA - Joseph Calvey (Cornell University)  
11:50  Discussion of EC Simulation Plans  
ILC: Sources (until 12:00) (UIC Forum Meeting Room I)
10:30  Compton source Ring/ERL design & cavity experiment at ATF - tsunehiko omori (KEK)  
10:50  Hybrid targets - Robert Chehab  
11:10  300Hz positron generation scheme - tsunehiko omori (KEK)  
11:30  Compton stacking ring update - Frank Zimmermann (CERN)  
LCWS: Higgs and EWSB (until 12:00) (SCE 302)
LCWS: SUSY and New Physics at the Terascale (until 12:00) (SCE 605)
10:30  Tau-pair performance in ILD detectors - Taikan SUEHARA (The University of Tokyo)  
10:53  Determining Z' Couplings at the LHC - Seth Quackenbush (Univ. of Wisconsin)  
11:16  LHC Signals for Warped Electroweak Charged Gauge Bosons - Shrihari Gopalakrishna (BNL)  
11:38  Two Universal Extra Dimensions - Kyoungchul Kong (FNAL)  
LCWS: Loopverein, Top and QCD (until 12:00) (SCE 603)
10:30  Event Shapes at NLLA+NNLO - Gionata Luisoni (Zurich University)  
11:00  Improved prediction of event shapes from effective field theory - Thomas Becher (Fermilab)  
11:30  Precision of Polarisation and Beam Energy Measurements at the ILC - Jenny List (DESY)  
LCWS: Tracking/Vertex (until 12:25) (SCE 613)
10:30  "Development of Vertically Integrated Circuits for ILC Vertex Detectors" - Ronald Lipton (Fermilab)  
10:55  "Test results for SOI-based integrated detectors and electronics" - Marcel Trimpl (Fermilab)  
11:10  "Sensor/IC Integration using Oxide Bonding" - Zhenyu Ye (Fermi National Accelerator Lab)  
11:25  "Effects of power cycling on vertex detector cables" - William Cooper (Fermilab)  
11:40  "Summary of one year operation of the EUDET CMOS pixel telescope" - Ingrid Gregor (Deutsches Elektronen Synchrotron (DESY))  
LCWS: Simulation and Reconstruction (until 12:00) (UIC Forum Event Center (theater))
10:30  Kinematic Fitting in the Presence of ISR - Jenny List (DESY)  
10:50  GARLIC - Marcel Reinhard (LLR-Ecole Polytechnique)  
11:10  SiD: Separating Detector Performance from PFA Confusion - Ron Cassell (SLAC)  
11:30  New Jet Clustering and its Performance in Physics Studies - Taikan SUEHARA (The University of Tokyo)  
LCWS: IDAG (until 12:00) (UIC Forum Meeting Room H)
ILC: Main Linac - Chris Adolphsen (SLAC) Hitoshi Hayano (KEK) (until 12:00) (UIC Forum Main Hall C)
10:30  Optical inspection update (Z130) at DESY [webex] - Sebastian Aderhold (DESY)  
10:45  Optical inspection update at KEK - Ken Watanabe (KEK)  
11:00  Surface studies at KEK - Takayuki Saeki (KEK)  
11:15  Mechanical grinder development - Ken Watanabe (KEK)  
11:30  Discussion of Table for optical inspection and T-map [webex] - Lutz Lilje (DESY)  
ILC: Cost Management (until 12:00) (Stukel Towers Training Room)
12:00 --- Lunch ---
Special Focus: monolithic and vertically integrated pixel detectors (until 15:30) (SCE 713)
ILC: Accelerator Simulation including beam dynamics (until 15:30) (UIC Forum Meeting Room D)
13:30  Draft list of "standard" errors - ALL  
15:20  Summary of Discussion  
ILC: Beam Delivery System (until 15:30) (UIC Forum Meeting Room E)
13:30  Joint BDS and MDI  
13:35  Status of ILD Detector MDI work - Toshiaki Tauchi (KEK)  
13:55  Status of SiD Detector MDI work (via Webex) - Marco Oriunno (SLAC)  
14:15  Status of 4th Detector Concept MDI work - Alexander Mikhailichenko (Cornell University)  
14:35  Final Doublet stability and in-detector interferometry (monalisa) - David urner (University of Oxford)  
14:55  IR Interface Document updates and discussion - Thomas Markiewicz (SLAC) Brett Parker (BNL)  
ILC: Conventional Facilities (until 15:45) (UIC Forum Meeting Room F)
13:30  Overview from FNAL - Tom Lackowski (FNAL)  
14:15  Overview from KEK - atsushi Enomoto (KEK)  
15:00  Overview of HVAC for Single Tunnel - Lee Hammond (FNAL)  
ILC: Damping Rings (until 15:30) (UIC Forum Meeting Room G)
13:30  Fast feedbacks for diagnostics and mitigation of e-cloud instability - Alessandro Drago (INFN-LNF)  
13:50  The CesrTA Experimental Program - Mark Palmer (Cornell University LEPP)  
14:10  Comments on the CesrTA Experimental Program - Katherine Harkay (Advanced Photon Source)  
14:30  CesrTA Wiggler Chambers and RFA Diagnostics - Yulin Li (Cornell University Laboratory for Accelerator Sciences and Education) Dawn Munson (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)  
15:00  Discussion of CesrTA Experimental Plans  
ILC: Main Linac (until 15:30) (UIC Forum Main Hall C)
13:30  Summary of SRF Materials Workshop - Lance Cooley (FNAL)  
13:45  Summary of TTC (Dehli) module test discussion - Tug Arkan (FNAL)  
14:05  Cavity package studies at STF - Shuichi Noguchi (KEK)  
14:25  S1-Global status - Norihito Ohuchi (KEK)  
14:45  Detail plan of S1-Global installation and operation - Hitoshi Hayano (KEK)  
15:00  S1-Global discussion - Hitoshi Hayano (KEK)  
15:15  status and plans for the cavity processing facility at Argonne - Mike Kelly (ANL)  
ILC: Sources (until 15:30) (UIC Forum Meeting Room I)
13:30  Linac based compton source - Vitaly Yakimenko (BNL)  
13:50  Fast or slow positron spin flipping - Sabine Riemann (DESY)  
14:05  Positron Spin Rotation at lower energy than the damping ring - Kenneth Moffeit (SLAC)  
14:25  CLIC-ILC Common source activities - Louis Rinolfi  
14:45  Auxiliary positron source update - Masao Kuriki (KEK)  
15:05  Lithium lens and window tests - Junji Urakawa (KEK)  
LCWS: Loopverein, Top and QCD (until 15:30) (SCE 603)
13:30  Differential Reduction Algorithms for the Laurent Expansion of Hypergeometric Functions for Feynman Diagram Calculation - Scott Yost (The Citadel)  
14:00  Tensor reduction of one-loop pentagons and hexagons - Theodoros Diakonidis (DESY, Zeuthen)  
14:30  Applying the POWHEG method to top production and decays at the ILC - Seyi Latunde-Dada (Cambridge University)  
15:00  QCD corrections to ttZ production at the LHC - Thomas McElmurry (University of Wisconsin)  
LCWS: Cosmological Connections (until 15:54) (UIC Forum Event Center (theater))
13:30  Electrons positrons and Dark Matter - Dan Hooper (Fermilab)  
14:04  Pamela and dark matter - Gabe Shaughnessy (Northwestern/Argonne)  
14:26  Connecting LHC, ILC and quintessence - Kyoungchul Kong (Fermilab)  
14:48  Model independent WIMP searches at ILC - Jenny List (DESY)  
15:10  Precision on the DM relic density from ILC measuremetns in CPVMSSM - Genevieve Belanger (LAPTH)  
LCWS: Calorimetry and Muon Detection - Adam Para (Fermilab) (until 15:30) (SCE 302)
13:30  Si-W ECal - Marcel Reinhard  
13:50  A Custom 12-Bit Cyclic ADC for the Electromagnetic Calorimeter of the ILC - Samuel Manen  
14:10  MAPS ECal - Anne-Marie Magnan (Imperial College - University of London)  
14:30  ScECal Test Beam - Satoru Uozumi (Shinshu University)  
14:50  Si-W ECal with integrated readout - Mani Tripathi  
LCWS: Machine Detector Interface (until 15:30) (UIC Forum Meeting Room E)
13:30  Detector MDI work. Joint with BDS (see BDS schedule for details)  
LCWS: IDAG (until 15:30) (UIC Forum Meeting Room H)
ILC: Cost Management (until 15:30) (Stukel Towers Training Room)
13:30  TRIAD DEMO  
SILC: Cost and Scheduling (until 15:30) (SCE 315)
15:30 --- coffee break ---
ILC: Beam Delivery System (until 18:00) (UIC Forum Meeting Room E)
16:00  Continue BDS-MDI discussions from the previous BDS-MDI session  
16:25  New low power parameter set - Andrei Seryi (SLAC)  
16:45  Discussion  
16:55  Beam test facilities - John Sheppard (SLAC) John Jaros (SLAC)  
17:15  Discussion of the need for beam test facilities for MDI work (ESA, FACET, etc)  
17:30  Instrumentation in ILC, requirements and R&D plans - Philip Burrows (Oxford University)  
17:50  Discussion  
ILC: Accelerator Simulation including beam dynamics (until 18:00) (UIC Forum Meeting Room D)
ILC: Conventional Facilities (until 18:00) (UIC Forum Meeting Room F)
16:00  Overview of Cost Impact - Peter Garbincius (FNAL)  
17:00  Discussion  
ILC: Damping Rings (until 18:00) (UIC Forum Meeting Room G)
16:00  Low Emittance Tuning Overview - Andrzej Wolski (Cockcroft Institute and University of Liverpool)  
16:10  CesrTA LET Overview - David Rubin (Cornell University)  
16:20  CesrTA Optics Status - James Shanks (Cornell University)  
16:40  CesrTA xBSM Update - Walter Hopkins (Cornell University Laboratory for Elementary-Particle Physics)  
17:40  LET Planning Discussion  
ILC: Main Linac (until 18:00) (UIC Forum Main Hall C)
16:00  Specification Profile tables - Hitoshi Hayano (KEK)  
16:15  Plug compatibility document - Akira Yamamoto (High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (KEK))  
16:30  discussion on plug compatibility - Akira Yamamoto (High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (KEK))  
ILC: Sources (until 18:00) (UIC Forum Meeting Room I)
16:00  Electron Source Update - Axel Brachmann (SLAC)  
16:20  Polarized Cathode R&D update and PESP2008 summary - Feng Zhou (SLAC)  
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16:50  200 keV gun development for ILC - Masao Kuriki (KEK)  
17:10  Updates on Cornell Positron Conversion Code KONN - Alexander Mikhailichenko (Cornell University)  
LCWS Plenary - Harry Weerts (ANL) (until 18:00) (UIC Forum Main Hall AB)
16:00  CALICE Results - Jean-Claude Brient (LLR)  
16:40  Recent Results and Prospects from the Tevatron - Aurelio Juste (Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory)  
17:20  How much SUSY space is left? - JoAnne Hewett (SLAC)  
ILC: AAP Meeting (until 18:00) (UIC Forum Event Center (theater))
LCFOA Roundtable (until 19:30) (Stukel Towers Training Room)
ILC: Damping Rings - Mark Palmer (Cornell) (until 21:00) (UIC Forum Meeting Room G)