LCWS08 and ILC08
from Saturday, November 15, 2008 (05:00) to Thursday, November 20, 2008 (18:00)

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Wednesday, November 19, 2008
ILC: Accelerator Simulation including beam dynamics (until 10:00) (UIC Forum Main Hall A)
08:30  Joint with Main Linac  
ILC: Beam Delivery System (until 10:00) (UIC Forum Meeting Room E)
08:30  Join with MDI and Detectors  
08:35  Support system of final quadrupole magnets in ILD - Hiroshi Yamaoka (KEK)  
08:55  Development of Pair Monitor - Yosuke Takubo (Tohoku University)  
09:15  Beam Size Measurement with Pair Monitor and BeamCal - Kazutoshi Ito (Tohoku university)  
09:35  Permanent final quadrupole magnet option and prototype at ATF2 - yoshihisa iwashita (Kyoto Univ.)  
ILC: Conventional Facilities (until 10:00) (UIC Forum Meeting Room F)
08:30  Status Report FNAL - Tom Lackowski (FNAL)  
09:15  Status Report KEK - atsushi Enomoto (KEK)  
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ILC: Damping Rings (until 10:00) (UIC Forum Meeting Room G)
08:30  Planning for the Technical Design Phase (Discussion)  
ILC: Main Linac (until 10:00) (UIC Forum Main Hall AB)
08:30  CIEMAT SC Quad Tests at SLAC - John Sheppard (SLAC) Cherrill Spencer (SLAC)  
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09:30  SC Quad Development for XFEL - Fernando Toral (CIEMAT)  
LCWS: Higgs and EWSB (until 10:00) (SCE 302)
LCWS: Cosmological Connections (until 10:00) (SCE 605)
LCWS: Simulation and Reconstruction (until 10:10) (UIC Forum Event Center (theater))
08:30  PFA Performance for SiD - Matthew Charles (The University of Iowa)  
08:50  PFA Implementation and Plans for Future Improvement - Tae Jeong Kim (Physics Department-Korea University-Unknown)  
09:10  PFA Algorithm - Stephen Magill (Argonne National Laboratory)  
09:30  PFA Progress and ILD Detector Optimization - David Ward (University of Cambridge)  
LCWS: Loopverein, Top and QCD (until 10:30) (SCE 603)
08:30  O(alpha alphas) corrections to the gamma t anti-t vertex at the top quark threshold - Dirk Seidel (TTP Karlsruhe)  
09:00  A new higgs -> n gluon parton shower - Michael Peskin (SLAC, Stanford University)  
09:30  Calculating gluon one-loop amplitudes numerically - Jan Winter (Fermilab)  
LCWS: Tracking/Vertex (until 10:00) (SCE 613)
08:30  "Infrastructure and Measurement Plans for LCTPC Large Prototype" and "Field Cage for the LCTPC Large Prototype" - Ties Behnke (DESY)  
09:05  "Endplate for the LCTPC Large Prototype" - Daniel Peterson (Cornell)  
09:20  "Large Prototype TPC beam tests at DESY with Micromegas" - Madhu Dixit (Carleton)  
09:40  "Silicon Detectors for the Large Prototype TPC test setup at DESY" - Stephan Haensel (Institut fuer Hochenergiephysik (HEPHY)-Oesterreichische Akademi)  
LCWS: IDAG (until 10:00) (UIC Forum Meeting Room H)
ILC: Cost Management (until 10:00) (UIC Forum Meeting Room D)
ILC: Main Linac 2 (until 10:00) (UIC Forum Meeting Room I)
08:30  LLRF progress report from KEK - Shinichiro Michizono (KEK)  
08:50  LLRF progress report from DESY - Stefan Simrock (DESY)  
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09:10  LLRF progress report from FNAL - Brian Chase (FNAL)  
10:00 --- coffee break ---
ILC: Main Linac 2 (until 12:00) (UIC Forum Meeting Room I)
10:30  (Some) LLRF top-level performance requirements - Nicholas Walker (DESY)  
10:50  Discussion: LLRF performance specifications - Brian Chase (FNAL)  
11:10  LLRF feed-forward and feedback - Gustavo CANCELO (FNAL)  
11:30  Discussion: metrics for assessing HLRF overhead requirements  
ILC: Accelerator Simulation including beam dynamics (until 12:00) (UIC Forum Main Hall A)
10:30  Joint with Main Linac  
ILC: Beam Delivery System (until 12:00) (UIC Forum Meeting Room E)
10:30  Joint with MDI  
10:35  Interim summary of discussion of IR Integration plans and IR Interface Document - Thomas Markiewicz (SLAC) Brett Parker (BNL)  
11:05  View from Research Director - Sakue Yamada (KEK)  
11:35  Discussion of post-LOI IR integration plans, discussion leaders: - Thomas Markiewicz (SLAC) Brett Parker (BNL)  
ILC: Conventional Facilities (until 12:00) (UIC Forum Meeting Room F)
10:30  General discussion  
11:00  General Discussion  
ILC: Damping Rings (until 12:00) (UIC Forum Meeting Room G)
10:30  Planning for the Technical Design Phase (Discussion)  
ILC: Main Linac (until 12:00) (UIC Forum Main Hall AB)
10:30  Status of ILC Linac BPM Development - Manfred Wendt (Fermilab)  
11:00  Alignment model and Tolerance in Main Linac - Kiyoshi Kubo (KEK)  
11:15  Main Linac alignment simulations - John Dale (University of Oxford)  
LCWS: Tracking/Vertex (until 14:45) (SCE 613)
10:30  "TPC studies using  GEM and Micromegas readouts, Ar-CF4-Isobutane gas, in a magnetic field" - Daniel Peterson (Cornell)  
10:45  "Results from high magnetic field tests of the Medi TPC" - Ralf Diener (DESY)  
11:00  "Update on Silicon Pixel Readout for a TPC at NIKHEF" - Jan Timmermans (NIKHEF)  
11:15  "A TPC with Triple-GEM Gas Amplification and TimePix Readout" - Renz Uwe (Fakultaet fuer Physik - Albert-Ludwigs-Universitaet Freiburg)  
11:35  "TPC readout electronics with Time-to-Digital Converters" - Alexander Kaukher (Rostock)  
13:30  "Studies of GEMs for LCTPC " - Lea Hallermann (DESY/Univ Hamburg)  
13:45  "Overview of the SiLC R&D activities" - Aurore Savoy-Navarro (LPNHE-UPMC/CNRS-IN2P3)  
14:00  "Resolution studies on silicon strip sensors with fine pitch" - Stephan Haensel (Institut fuer Hochenergiephysik (HEPHY)-Oesterreichische Akademi)  
14:15  "Alignment of Silicon tracking system: R&D and first prototype" - Alberto Ruiz Jimeno (Universidad de Cantabria)  
14:30  "New Front end and readout chip for strip detector at ILC in 130nm CMOS technology " - Aurore Savoy-Navarro (LPNHE-UPMC/CNRS-IN2P3)  
LCWS: SUSY and New Physics at the Terascale (until 12:00) (SCE 302)
10:30  Properties of the nMSSM - Carlos Wagner  
10:53  Supersymmetry Without Prejudice - Thomas Rizzo (SLAC)  
11:15  ILD performance on Chargino-Neutralino separation - Daniela Kaefer (DESY - FLC)  
11:37  Effects of Non-Commutative Geometry in WW Production - JoAnne Hewett (SLAC)  
LCWS: Gamma-gamma (until 12:00) (SCE 603)
LCWS: Calorimetry and Muon Detection - Raymond Frey (U of Oregon) (until 12:00) (SCE 605)
10:30  Tests of SiPMs - Riccardo de Sangro (INFN - LNF)  
10:50  FCAL - Wolfgang Lohmann (DESY)  
11:10  Environmental Dependences of RPCs - Qingmin Zhang (SLAC)  
11:30  Temperature dependence of MPPC parameters - Jeffrey Hill (FNAL/NIU)  
LCWS: Machine Detector Interface (until 12:00) (UIC Forum Meeting Room E)
10:30  Joint with BDS (see BDS schedule for details)  
ILC: Cost Management (until 12:00) (UIC Forum Meeting Room D)
12:00 --- lunch ---
ILC: Main Linac 2 (until 15:30) (UIC Forum Meeting Room I)
13:30  LLRF for the FLASH 9mA program - Stefan Simrock (DESY)  
14:00  Experience with the FLASH DAQ / Archiver - Michael Davidsaver (FNAL)  
14:20  Discussion: next LLRF 9mA studies at FLASH - John Carwardine (Argonne)  
14:50  Discussion on parameters for an ILC cavity model  
LCWS: Simulation and Reconstruction (until 15:30) (UIC Forum Event Center (theater))
13:30  Detector Optimization for SiD - Marcel Stanitzki (Rutherford Appleton Laboratory)  
13:50  Multi-TeV Detector Optimization Studies for CLIC - Lucie Linssen (CERN)  
14:10  Sensitivity of Higgs self-coupling at LDC - Michele Giannelli (RHUL)  
14:30  Status of SiD Benchmarking - Timothy Barklow (SLAC)  
14:50  Jet Reconstruction and Physics Performance with the 4th Concept - Anna Mazzacane (Universita delSalento - INFN Lecce)  
ILC: Accelerator Simulation including beam dynamics (until 15:30) (UIC Forum Main Hall A)
13:30  Joint with Main Linac  
ILC: Beam Delivery System (until 15:30) (UIC Forum Meeting Room E)
13:30  Join with MDI  
13:35  Upstream polarimeter - Jenny List (DESY)  
13:55  Compton Cherenkov detector development - Daniela Kaefer (DESY - FLC)  
14:15  Discussion of list of pending changes for BDS baseline, discussion leaders: - Deepa Angal-Kalinin (CCLRC Daresbury) Andrei Seryi (SLAC)  
14:30  Depolarization from the upstream to the downstream polarimeter - Anthony Hartin (John Adams Institute)  
14:50  Beam dump design progress (webex) - Raymond Arnold (SLAC) John Amann (SLAC) Dieter Walz (SLAC) Satyamurthy Polepalle (BARC, India)  
15:10  Crab Cavity and LLRF tests - peter mcintosh (stfc daresbury laboratory)  
ILC: Conventional Facilities (until 15:30) (UIC Forum Meeting Room F)
13:30  Planning for AAP Review - Discussion  
14:30  Planning for AAP Review - Discussion  
ILC: Main Linac (until 15:50) (UIC Forum Main Hall AB)
13:30  Calculation of coupler kicks - Yakovlev Vyacheslav (FNAL)  
13:55  Simulations in Bunch Compressors with coupler kicks - Andrea Latina (CERN)  
14:20  Simulations in Main Linac with coupler kicks - Dirk Kruecker (DESY)  
14:45  Short overview of RTML system - Nikolay Solyak (FNAL)  
15:00  Single-stage bunch compressor-preliminary results - Andrea Latina (CERN)  
15:15  Progress activities in short bunch compressors - Eun-San Kim (Kyungpook National Univ.) Nikolay Solyak (FNAL)  
LCWS: SUSY and New Physics at the Terascale (until 15:30) (SCE 302)
13:30  Pinning down the invisible sneutrino - Jan Kalinowski (University of Warsaw)  
13:53  Framework for Generalized SUSY Breaking - Kathryn Zurek (FNAL)  
14:15  Determining Spin through Quantum Azimuthal-Angle Correlations - Matthew Buckley (UC Berkeley/IPMU)  
14:37  Dynamically Solving the mu/B(mu) Problem in Gauge-mediated Supersymmetry Breaking - Tao Liu (Enrico Fermi Institute, University of Chicago)  
LCWS: Calorimetry and Muon Detection - Adam Para (Fermilab) (until 15:30) (SCE 605)
13:30  Status of the DHCAL Prototype Construction - Lei Xia (Argonne National Laboratory)  
13:50  Analysis of DHCAL Data - Jose Repond (Argonne National Laboratory)  
14:10  GEM DHCAL update - Jacob Smith  
14:30  Developments on MicroMegas for a digital hadronic calorimeter - Jan Blaha  
14:50  RPC based Semi-Digital Gaz HCAL with an embedded readout - Vincent Boudry (LLR, Ecole polytechnique)  
LCWS: Machine Detector Interface (until 15:30) (UIC Forum Meeting Room E)
13:30  Joint with BDS (see BDS schedule for details)  
LCWS: Loopverein, Top and QCD (until 15:30) (SCE 603)
13:30  Top Physics at the Tevatron - Cecilia Gerber (University of Illinois)  
14:00  SM and BSM Top Physics at the ILC - Zack Sullivan (Illinois Institute of Technology)  
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14:30  Exotic physics with top quarks - Marcel Vos (IFIC Valencia)  
15:00  Simulation study of top-antitop events reconstruction and measuring the top quark Yukawa coupling at the ILC - Katsumasa IKEMATSU (KEK/IPNS)  
ILC: Cost Management (until 15:30) (UIC Forum Meeting Room D)
ILC: ART (until 15:30) (Stukel Towers Training Room)
15:30 --- coffee break ---
ILC: Accelerator Simulation including beam dynamics (until 18:00) (UIC Forum Main Hall A)
16:00  Joint with Main Linac  
17:00  Preparation of summary  
ILC: Beam Delivery System (until 18:00) (UIC Forum Meeting Room E)
16:00  BDS summary preparation  
ILC: Conventional Facilities (until 18:00) (UIC Forum Meeting Room F)
16:00  Preparation for CFS Plenary Summary  
ILC: Main Linac (until 18:00) (UIC Forum Main Hall AB)
16:00  Design of the RTML extraction line - Sergei Seletskiy (ILC)  
16:25  Design of the vacuum system for RTML return line - Qiong XIAO (IHEP) Nikolay Solyak (FNAL)  
16:35  Plans for stray magnetic field studies - Dmitri Sergatskov  
16:50  CHEF status report - Francois Ostiguy  
17:00  Preparation of Summary of Beamdynamics/Simulations Group - Daniel Schulte (CERN) Nikolay Solyak (FNAL) Kiyoshi Kubo (KEK)  
LCWS Plenary - Michael Danilov (ITEP) (until 18:00) (UIC Forum Main Hall C)
16:00  ILC and Fermilab - Pier Oddone (FNAL)  
16:30  Beam Polarization at the ILC: the Physics Impact and the Accelerator Solutions - Sabine Riemann (Institut fuer Hochenergiephysik Zeuthen) Sabine Riemann (DESY)  
17:10  Report of the IDAG - Michel Davier  
ILC: Main Linac 2 (until 18:00) (UIC Forum Meeting Room I)
16:00  Informal tutorial on FLASH DAQ / Archiver  
ILC: Cost Management (until 18:00) (UIC Forum Meeting Room D)
Bus Staging (until 18:45) (UIC Forum Rochford Street side)
Workshop Dinner (until 23:00) ()