LCTPC Kickoff WP meeting #1



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Ron Settles (Max-Planck-Institut fuer Physik)
1st: Organizational 'kickoff' meeting
Summary of mtg 09/05/2006 ----------------------------- Present: Paul Colas Madhu Dixit Keisuke Fujii Leif Joensson Dean Karlen Joachim Mnich Luciano Musa Dan Peterson Ron Settles Peter Wienemann Excused: Takeshi Matsuda, Akira Sugiyama, Jan Timmermans AGENDA ---------- (See 1. Type and frequency of WP meetings -------------------------------------- It was agreed that each WP#1,2,3or4 should set up its own mailing list, derived from the LCTPC collaboration, of people interested in their WG, which will then be their "constituency". (The updated list of institutes/people can be seen in the PRC written report at The overall list was originally derived from the Cornell wiki site which will be updated again now and will contain the email addresses of everybody.) Some activity has started in this direction, by WG2 and WG3, for example. For WG2, RS has some names, and Leif and Luciano agreed that Leif would follow this up. For WG3, Peter has a preliminary list. Exactly how to make a full list was discussed (emails on the whole collaboration?) but not finally decided (another idea: the interested groups for each sub-WP has been shown at all meetings since Vienna--see also the PRC written report--so at least an email announcement on those groups would be appropriate). It is self-evident that a convener should be in contact with his/her constituency from the whole collaboration (and not just with his/her institute or region). Each WP should take care of organizing its own meetings as it sees necessary to keep up with progress. This will be done together with the corresponding constituency; also each WP should inform the other WP conveners of their meetings, since almost all issues are highly correlated. Meetings like today of all WP conveners should take place once a month, to discuss general situation. RS will set these up for the time being. Other comments: Paul emphasized that Gem and Micromegas should work together. Dan said that Adam Para spoke with him at the LBNL TPC Applications Workshop, that his Fermilab group is interested in working on alignment. 2. Dates for the next WP meetings ----------------------------------- One should utilize upcoming workshops/meetings as much as possible. -WP3 is setting up a (phone)meeting sometime around 7-9 May. -The ALCPG workshop is Vancouver 18-23 July, so a meeting will be scheduled there. -Paul proposes a WP#1 meeting in Paris in September (see next point, AOB) -New information since yesterday: The annual Eudet consortium meeting will be in Munich 18-20 October. -The European LC workshop is in Valencia 6-10 November. 3. AOB -------- Paul and Dan discussed some aspects wrt WP#1: Paul (see showed some progress for SiTPC and some ideas for the layout of the LP endplate. Related to the Japanese contribution to the LP (since a France-Japan agreement will pay the travel), he proposes a 3-day meeting in Paris in September for WP#1 and the relevant participation of the other WPs would be arranged. Dan showed some ideas for layout of the endplate and discussed after the LBNL TPC Applications Workshop. A picture is worth a thousand words, so for some work by him and his draftsman, see
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