IR Eng. workshop, WG-C


Meeting of a working group in preparation to the ILC Interaction Region Engineering Design Workshop, IRENG07.

WG-C, group meeting.

Start time:
06:00 San Francisco
08:00 Chicago
09:00 New York
14:00 London
15:00 Geneva
22:00 Tokyo

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    • 6:00 AM 6:40 AM
      RDR design of civil engineering structures for BDS 40m
      Speaker: John Andrew Osborne (CERN)
    • 6:40 AM 6:45 AM
      Minutes of the meeting 5m
      WG-C, July 24 Present: Kuchler, Volk, Lackowski, Garbincius, Osborne, Parker, Asiri, Aarons, Seryi, Oriunno, Telnov, Burrows, Enomoto, Amann, Markiewicz, Keller, Sugimoto, H.Yamamoto, Meyners, Sullivan, Sanami, R.Ford, (possibly other colleagues). VERY brief. John Osborne presented the current design of IR EXP hall (see attached). Particular notes: may need support columns for the 400t crane; is there enough width to open endcaps; is there a need for second cavern. Experimental buildings were also shown. Sizes of support cavern -- depend on many assumptions, including depth. Decision whether all ventilation is coming from surface, should be on of the earliest decisions. Alignment and survey galleries were discussed. The survey tunnel as shown may have rad.phys. issues, but it does not need to be connected to service tunnel, in which case safety would be OK. At the next meeting, Emil Huedem will present the current assumptions about utilities.