Accelerator Systems: Beam Delivery System (A. Seryi, SLAC)


·         Plans and details for the lattice development  specific to the proposed Minimum Machine studies for 2009

o   WORD, 2 pages,  summary of BDS design meeting, Deepa Angal-Kalinin, Jan 27, 2009

o   PPT presentation on travelling focus (edited for AAP), A. Seryi, Nov 2008 (ILC08)


·         Machine Detector Interface and Final Doublet Magnets

o   PDF presentation, 42 slides, Brett Parker, Nov 2008 (ILC08)


·         Interaction Region Interface Document updates and discussion (specifications for the detector LoI)

o   PPT presentation, 44 slides, T.Markiewicz, B.Parker, Nov 2008 (ILC08)

o   EPAC 08 paper (interface document), B. Parker et al.


·         Status of superconducting Crab Cavity R&D,

o   PDF presentation, 34 slides, Peter McIntosh, Nov , 2008 (ILC08)