How to register your PC to KEK Wireless Lan

To participants to ILD Software Workshop (16 April, 2009)


In order to register your PC for KEK wireless lan, you have to
(1) register yourself as a KEK user ( or equivalently get an acount for KEK user )
(2) register MAC address of your PC though a KEK user's portal site.
You can complete the following procedure before you come to KEK

Register yourself as a KEK user

The information for KEK visitors is available at
The user registration page will be found from the left side menu as
+ User Registration
--> 3. User Registration
Scroll to the bottom of the page and press [Agree]

Then a form to fill your personal information comes up.
Please fill the form and submit it.
In the form, please specify,
Primary purpose of visit to KEK  --> Tsukuba/Experiment
Details --> Collaborative Research, ILC(IPNS, Fujii)
Contact Section within KEK --> IPNS (ILC)
Contact Person within KEK --> Akiya Miyamoto
KEK Contact Phone No. --> 6371
During your time at KEK do you intend to enter a Radiation Controlled Area ...  --> No

After completion of the user registration, you will receive a password
to login to a KEK portal site.  

Register MAC address of your PC

Login to your portal site and submit MAC address of your PC
through the web site.
Some information will be found at