Jul 19 – 22, 2006
UBC, Vancouver, Canada
Europe/Zurich timezone

Studies with the Cornell/Purdue prototype TPC

Jul 20, 2006, 11:10 AM
SUB 207/9 (UBC, Vancouver, Canada)

SUB 207/9

UBC, Vancouver, Canada


Dan Peterson (Cornell University)


The Cornell/Purdue prototype TPC, first commissioned in December 2004, has an active area of 10cm square and a drift length of 64cm. The present readout includes 56 channels of 14 bit, 105 MHz, flash-ADCs. Revised readout pad boards, installed in March 2006, include a combination of 5mm and 2mm pads. Recent studies of various gas-amplification devices will be discussed. These include Purdue-3M Micromegas, the Saclay produced bulk Micromegas, and GEMs.

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