SCRF Webex meeting

Tetsuo Shidara (KEK)
SCRF monthly webex meeting
    • 14:00 14:20
      Report from Project Managers 20m
      - Report of Visiting DESY - Report from InPAC-2009 - Cavity company visiting plan
      Speaker: Akira Yamamoto
    • 14:20 14:40
      Brief Report from GLs 20m
      Speaker: GLs
    • 14:40 15:00
      Agenda for the AAP SCRF session 20m
      - preparation for the presentations
      Speaker: Akira Yamamoto
    • 15:00 15:20
      Plug-compatibility document Appendix 20m
      - Improvement of functional physical boundary conditions, - Cavity Integration (H. Hayano) - Cryomodule (N. Ohuchi) - HLRF (S. Fukuda) - Quadrupole packages (C. Adolphsen)
      Speaker: H. Hayano, N. Ohuchi, S. Fukuda, C. Adolphsen