SCRF Webex meeting

    • 13:00 13:20
      Report from PMs 20m
      - Announcement of organization update, (Yamamoto) - AAP review and response (Ross) - Report from ILC-PAC focusing on SCRF (Yamamoto) - Plan for ILC-CLIC collbaration meeting (Ross) - Plan for a presentation at TTC from ILC-GDE - to acknowledge the TTC effort for S0 assessment, - General Plan for the DESY meeting (Walker) (- Probably main part to be shifted to the Item 3)
      AAP Review Report
    • 13:20 13:35
      Report from each group leader 15m
      - Status reports (hopefully with a few minutes, each),
    • 13:35 13:55
      Preparation for the DESY meeting, May 28 and 29 20m
      - General Objective and Plan (Walker) - SCRF sub-session - Field gradient to be re-baselined (Geng/Yamamoto) - with focusing how we may well define the Process/Production Yield and how we my reflect it to our discussion on the re- baseline** - HLRF: Kluster/Distributed RF (Fukuda/Adolphsen) - with focusing how we my evaluate their R&D with limited time and how we may re-baseline the HLRF source.
    • 13:55 14:00
      Next meeting plan 5m