Accelerator Physics Video Meeting - RDR discussion -

15:00 RDR Contributions from Beam Physics (20') Discuss and agree on the structure of beam physics descriptions in the RDR 15:20 Work Review (20') Review present status and plans up to Vancouver and Valencia. We would like people to very shortly report on the status of their work and plans 15:40 Feedback and Alignment (20') Agree on how we will arrive at a baseline for the feedback systems and the alignment and tuning procedures. See for some feedback considerations. 16:00 Assmeble List of Problems (20') Identify specific problems that need to be addressed and agree on how to go about them. 16:20 Discussion of Further Meetings (20') Schedule and agenda of following meetings. We would like to have follow-up meetings on specific topics every two weeks from then on.
The agenda of this meeting is empty