ILC TPC Analysis Jamboree



Peter Wienemann/Paul Colas
    • Resolution

      Get an overview over the currently used methods to extract the resolution (from raw data to resolution numbers) as well as gas properties and over the systematics studies done so far in the various groups. Discussion of possible ways to check and ensure consistency within the ILC TPC groups.

      • 1
        Speaker: Paul Colas (CEA Saclay)
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      • 2
        Track fitting and resolution measurement techniques
        Speaker: Dean Karlen (U Victoria)
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      • 3
        Track fitting with pad response function
        Speaker: Kirsten Sachs (Carleton University)
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      • 4
        Reconstruction and systematics of resolution measurements
        Speaker: Martin Killenberg (RWTH Aachen)
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      • 5
        Reconstruction and resolution studies
        Speaker: Matthias Enno Janssen (DESY)
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      • 6
        Ultimate spatial and dE/dx resolution with pixels
        Speaker: Michael Hauschild (CERN)
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      • 7
      • 8
        Fundamental limitations on the resolution
        Speaker: Paul Colas (CEA Saclay)
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      • 9
        How to improve the spatial resolution
        Speaker: Vincent Lepeltier (LAL Orsay)
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      • 10
        Reconstruction methods for the PANDA TPC
        Speaker: Quirin Weitzel (TU Munich)
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    • Simulation

      Presentation of the various simulation programs in use in the ILC TPC groups. Discussion of pros and cons of the different approaches and clarify what is needed for which tasks.

      • 11
        Geant-based Simulation
        Speaker: N. N.
        • a) Geant 4 based simulation for T2K
          Speaker: A. Sarrat (CEA Saclay)
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        • b) GEANT 3 simulation for T2K
          Speaker: Dean Karlen
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        • c) Plans for a Simulation Study of the Magnetic Field Requirements of the LC TPC
          Speaker: C. Hansen (U. Victoria)
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      • 12
        Simulation based on HEED and Friends
        Speaker: N. N.
      • 13
        Parametrization-based simulation for GEM based TPCs
        Speaker: Astrid Muennich (RWTH Aachen)
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      • 14
        Avalanche fluctuations
        Speaker: Max Chefdeville (NIKHEF)
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      • 15
        Analysis of pixel data
        Speaker: Peter Kluit (NIKHEF)
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      • 16
        Speaker: all
    • General Discussion

      Free time for any kind of discussion or work.

    • Resolution

      Resolution issues with examples from cosmics and beam tests.

      • 17
        T2K test beam analysis
        Speaker: Marco Zito (CEA Saclay)
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      • 18
        T2K techniques
        Speaker: Federico Sanchez (IFAE Barcelona)
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      • 19
        Data analysis of the Berkeley-Orsay-Saclay cosmics and KEK test beam runs
        Speaker: Dan Burke (Carleton U)
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      • 20
        Analysis of test beam and cosmic ray data taken by GEM or MWPC equipped prototype TPC
        Speaker: Katsumasa Ikematsu (DESY)
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    • Summary : CANCELLED

      This session is CANCELLED due to no volunteers to report by video from other regions and no request from remote sites to maintain it.

      • 21
        Summary of the discussions
        Speaker: Paul Colas and Matthias Enno Janssen
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