ILC-JP end-of-year physics and detector meeting

from Thursday, 20 December 2018 (11:00) to Friday, 21 December 2018 (23:00)
KEK (2-gokan 1F large meeting room)

        : Sessions
    /     : Talks
        : Breaks
20 Dec 2018
21 Dec 2018
11:00 Opening - Kiyotomo Kawagoe (Kyushu University)   (2-gokan 1F large meeting room)
11:20 Political status - Yasuhiro Okada   (2-gokan 1F large meeting room)
Detector - Akimasa Ishikawa (Tohoku University) Akimasa Ishikawa (Kobe University (JP)) (until 10:40) (3-gokan 4F meeting room)
09:00 FPCCD - Sato (Shinshu)   (3-gokan 4F meeting room)
09:25 SOFIST - Shun Ono (Osaka University)   (3-gokan 4F meeting room)
09:50 TPC - Aiko Shoji (Iwate University) Aiko Shoji   (3-gokan 4F meeting room)
10:15 Micromegas TPC - Tomohisa Ogawa (SOKENDAI)   (3-gokan 4F meeting room)
10:40 --- Break ---
Detector - Wataru Ootani (ICEPP, Univ. of Tokyo) (until 12:35) (3-gokan 4F meeting room)
11:00 Overview of SiW-ECAL development - Taikan Suehara (Kyushu University)   (3-gokan 4F meeting room)
11:15 Development of inverse-LGAD for PID application in ILC - Ryosuke Mori   (3-gokan 4F meeting room)
11:30 Selection and study of SKIROC2A - Yuto Deguchi (Kyushu University)   (3-gokan 4F meeting room)
11:45 Sc-ECAL overview - Tohru Takeshita (Department of Physics - Shinshu Univer)   (3-gokan 4F meeting room)
11:50 ILD SCECAL Simulations - Mr Reima Terada (Shinshu University)   (3-gokan 4F meeting room)
12:05 Toward Technological Prototype of SCECAL - Yuya Yoshimura   (3-gokan 4F meeting room)
12:20 Active Segmented Absorber ECAL Test - Hiroki Ishihama (Shinshu University)   (3-gokan 4F meeting room)
12:00 --- Lunch ---
13:00 ILC machine status - Shinichiro Michizono (KEK)   (2-gokan 1F large meeting room)
Physics - Ryo Yonamine (Tohoku University) Dr Masakazu Kurata (KEK) (until 14:45) (2-gokan 1F large meeting room)
13:25 Deciphering the importance of every measurement in SMEFT - Junping Tian (University of Tokyo)   (2-gokan 1F large meeting room)
13:45 A simulation study of the e+e- to gamma Z process for design optimization of the ILD - Takahiro Mizuno (Sokendai)   (2-gokan 1F large meeting room)
14:05 ttbar threshold - Yuto Eda (Tohoku University)   (2-gokan 1F large meeting room)
14:25 The h^0(125) decays to c cbar, b bbar, photon photon and gluon gluon in the light of the MSSM with quark flavor violation - Keisho Hidaka (Tokyo Gakugei University)   (2-gokan 1F large meeting room)
14:45 --- Break ---
Physics - Ryo Yonamine (Tohoku University) Masakazu Kurata (KEK) (until 17:15) (2-gokan 1F large meeting room)
15:15 vertex charge measurement - Yuichi Okugawa (Tohoku University)   (2-gokan 1F large meeting room)
15:35 tau reconstruction in e+ e- -> tau+ tau- at 500 GeV - Mr Keita Yumino (SOKENDAI)   (2-gokan 1F large meeting room)
15:55 MC Production - Hiroaki Ono (Nippon Dental University)   (2-gokan 1F large meeting room)
16:15 LCFIPlus - Ryo Yonamine (Tohoku University)   (2-gokan 1F large meeting room)
16:35 beam background study - Daniel Jeans   (2-gokan 1F large meeting room)
16:55 Study of H->invisible for ILD optimization - Yu Kato (University of Tokyo)   (2-gokan 1F large meeting room)
19:00 --- Dinner ---
12:35 --- Lunch ---
Detector - Wataru Ootani (ICEPP, Univ. of Tokyo) (until 14:00) (3-gokan 425)
13:30 AHCAL overview - Wataru Ootani (ICEPP, Univ. of Tokyo)   (3-gokan 425)
13:45 Study on Mixed Granularity for AHCAL - Mr Naoki Tsuji (The University of Tokyo)   (3-gokan 425)
Physics - Masakazu Kurata (KEK) Ryo Yonamine (Tohoku University) (until 14:20) (3-gokan 425)
14:00 Jet charge - Yuto Uesugi (Kyushu University)   (3-gokan 425)
14:20 Report on the Infrastructure/CFS mini-workshop - Yasuhiro Sugimoto (KEK)   (3-gokan 425)
14:45 Closing   (3-gokan 4F meeting room)
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