175th Optimization Meeting

Dan Protopopescu

Join via https://stanford.zoom.us/j/867873981, or see the email announcement(s) for more details on how to join this meeting remotely.

Present: Andrew, Andy, Chris, Dan, Jason, Jim, Lucas, Marty, Rick

Apologies: Marty, Jim (for joining later)


  • Chris gives a brief verbal summary of his progress with pySiDR, his own package to replace the ConformalTracking; Marty suggested using mono-energetic particles for studies; work in progress; more detailed talk at the next meeting
  • Lucas presented progress involving implementing a cylindrical geometry for the next phase; the idea is to migrate towards the actual SiD geometry
  • Andrew might have solved the reco crash by commenting out the MyExtrToTracker_InOut processor; but we need to check
  • Dan reported no progress wrt Jason's issue (Marlin reco freezing), looking now for errors in the SiD_o2_v03 model

Next meeting tentative date: September 18th

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    • 08:00 08:10
      Preliminary ECal and HCal Clusters in pySiDR 10m
      Speaker: Christopher Potter (University of Oregon)
    • 08:10 08:20
      Correction Energy with Modified SiD model 10m
      Speaker: Lucas Braun (University of Oregon)
    • 08:20 08:30
      Upload area 10m
      Speakers: Aidan Robson (University of Glasgow, UK), Amanda Lynn Steinhebel (University of Oregon), Andrew Myers (University of Texas Arlington), Andy White (University of Texas at Arlington), Anne Schuetz (DESY, Germany), Bogdan Mishchenko, Bruce Andrew Schumm (University of California,Santa Cruz), Chris Potter (University of Oregon), Christopher Thomas Potter (University of Oregon), Dan Protopopescu (University of Glasgow, UK), Davis Austin (University Of Oregon), James Brau (University of Oregon), Jan Strube (PNNL), Jason Barkeloo (University of Oregon), Jim Brau (University of Oregon), Joel Goldstein (University of Bristol, UK), Joey Carlson (University of Oregon), Marcel Stanitzki (DESY, Germany), Martin Breidenbach (SLAC), Mengqing Wu (DESY, Germany), Ross McCoy (University of Texas at Arlington), Takayuki Ueno (Tohoku University, Japan), Thomas Markiewicz (SLAC), Yevgeniya Shtalenkova (SCIPP), Jack Driscoll (University of Texas Arlington)