The 181st SiD Optimization Meeting

Dan Protopopescu

Join via, or see the email announcement(s) for more details on how to join this meeting remotely.

There was some confusion about the time of the meeting, Marty, Jason and Andy were connected at 8am PST. Dan's original announcement said 8am, but then UOregon (Jim) asked to keep the meetings at 9am. Dan's second announcement sent on Jan 14th did not make it to the mailing list for some reason.

Present at 9am PST: Andy and Dan

Apologies: UOregon

Minutes: Andy briefed Dan on the upcoming ICFA meeting at SLAC where Japan's MEXT is expected to make a statement on the future of ILC. UTA will have Jack and one more student working on SiD this semester.

Next meeting: Wed 29 Jan, at 9am PST

There are minutes attached to this event. Show them.