• Marc Ross
  • Nicholas Walker

The goal of the availability task force is to provide viable availability models for the proposed baseline “SB2009”. These are to be presented at the upcoming GDE meeting "ALCPG09", Sept 29 - Oct 3, 2009 for review and comment by the GDE community at large. The models (possibly revised) will be submitted to the Project Director by the end of 2009 along with the recommendation that they become part of the ILC TDP2 baseline. The Availability Task Force will provide the relative availability performance of the proposed single tunnel SB2009 schemes with respect to the RDR. This will be done for both the Klystron Cluster and the Distributed RF System HLRF schemes. The Task force will evaluate and explain differences we expect with these 2 schemes.
There will be two models, one for each of the proposed ML HLRF configuration modifications to the Reference Design (RD). The Availability Task Force consists of three sub-groups that will document each model as follows: (Group 1) a basis analysis done using the Excel/Matlab Monte Carlo tool 'Availsim', written and developed by Tom Himel. (Group 2) an appendix which outlines a proactive, practical plan for realizing the component performance and operations model included in it. (Group 3) a 'first-principles' availability estimate for ML availability performance done using a direct formulaic approach, as a check and as a way to benchmark the ML availability performance.

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