IR Eng. workshop, WG-B, conveners meeting


Meeting of a working group in preparation to the ILC Interaction Region Engineering Design Workshop, IRENG07.

WG-B, conveners meeting.

Start time
06:00 San Francisco
09:00 New York
22:00 Tokyo

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Very brief and draft minutes. Present: Conveners: Brett Parker (BNL), John Weisend (SLAC/NSF), Kiyosumi Tsuchiya (KEK) Andrei Seryi (SLAC). First, discussed and identified if need to invite any experts to the group. Identified several names, will invite them. The week of July 16 is a 2007 Cryogenic Engineering Conference, and this venue will be used to discuss with other experts who may be interested to join. Discussed the need to suggest a straw-man version of cryo system for IR. And to start creating the interface document, as well as list of questions. Review of assumptions (such as heat load), that already put into tentative solutions, is needed. Mentioned if cryo lines can go up and down -- yes, if they are single phase, and two phase present only in the heat exchanger. Preference for cryo connection seem to be to have it in vertical plane. Regulations: in Asia the regulations cover only down to 4K, and if it is 2K, this is gray area, requiring special treatment. In US the situation is similar for materials, e.g. Nb is not a cryo listed material - but such organizational issues need to be officially solved, before ILC construction. Mentioned that may not have enough vacuum experts in the group -- need to invite. Is it an issue if there will be build up of gas at cryo bore? Next meeting -- suggest July 23rd, start at 6am SLAC time. Agenda: Brett will review the present assumptions and present scheme. Tsuchiya-san will review if there are any specific safety aspects in Asia which may influence the design (December 2006 cryo scheme of A.Yamamoto to be discussed as well).
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