Availability Task Force - Organization



Second meeting of SB2009 availability evaluation task force.
  • AVAILSIM - led by Tom and including Nick and Eckhard. This group should pose questions and should be provided the answers by Chris, Shigeki and PM. These should be reviewed at the next meeting.
  • Analysis led by John and including Marc and Ewan. Should provide a draft list of parametric studies - including but not limited to mtbf, mttr, impact of repair process on operations, energy overhead, correlated failures. Possible maintenance models. This is also to be reviewed at the next meeting.
  • Benchmarking led by Tetsuo and including Nobuhiro and one other (tbd); Should start to construct an independent model using more traditional engineering approach (e.g. spreadsheet). General approach should be reviewed at the next meeting (i.e. ideas on how best to approach this problem). Concise summary of AVAILSIM’s philosophy should be supplied.

WebEx information

Topic: ILC Availability Task Force
Date: Wednesday, 24. June 2009
Time: 6:00, Europe Daylight Time (GMT +02:00, Berlin)
Meeting Number: 757 823 312
Meeting Password: ilc-avail

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comments for discussion
    • 06:00 06:05
      Announcements 5m
    • 06:05 06:25
      Group 1: AVAILSIM - status report 20m
      Speaker: Prof. Thomas Himel (SLAC)
    • 06:25 06:45
      Group 2: Analysis -- status report 20m
      Speaker: Mr John Carwardine (Argonne)
    • 06:45 07:05
      Group 3: Benchmarking -- status report 20m
      Speaker: Mr Tetsuo Shidara (KEK)
    • 07:05 07:15
      Discussion on further work for next week 10m