Dec 20 – 21, 2012
Japan timezone
ILC project is coming to an important benchmark with the completion of the TDR draft which will be celebrated on December 15 in Tokyo. This program - a JSPS creative scientific research 'A global R&D program for a state-of-the-art detector system for the ILC' - has made significant contributions to its detector part - the detailed baseline design (DBD). At the same time, the international organization of the linear colliders is being renewed and we are entering a new stage. Now at the end of the second year of the five year program, we will review what we have accomplished and overview the next steps.

During this workshop, a public lecture will be by Prof. Hitoshi Murayama, IPMU, from 17:30 to 18:30 on 20 December(Thursday). See information at
村山斉氏(カブリ数物連携宇宙研究機構) による 一般公演「宇宙の果ての向こう」 は12月20日(木曜)17:30-18:30 に小林ホールにて開催されます(申し込み不要)。

A banquet is organized after the public lecture. It is held at RO-GAI-RO (樓外樓) and a bus transportation will be provided. All participants are encouraged to come to the banquet. The fee for the banquet is 4000 Yen ( discount rate for students and those without salaly is 2000 Yen). Those who plan to come to the bacnquet are requested to register from the menu on the left.

Note to speakers: Please upload your slide before your presentation. Please do so by yourself if you have an indico account, otherwise contact the organizers.


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