ILD ECAL meeting

12-22-RC/SB08, room 8, ground floor, building 12-22 (LPNHE, Paris)

12-22-RC/SB08, room 8, ground floor, building 12-22

LPNHE, Paris

Participants: Tamaki Yoshioka, Yuji Sudo, Hiraku Ueno, Daniel Jeans, Chihiro Kozakai, Yoshio Kamiya (to be confirmed), Tohru Takeshita, Katsu Kotera, Reynald Pain, Didier Lacour, Denis Grondin, Julien Giraud, Jean-Yves Hostachy, Roman Poeschl, Thibault Frisson, Jeremy Rouene, Vincent Boudry, Jean-Claude Brient, Remi Cornat, Vladik Balagura, Manqi Ruan, Trong Hieu Tran, Elmaddin Guliyev, Jean-Baptiste Cizel, Laurence Lavergne ... There are many opportunities in the area for lunches on Monday and Tuesday. A dinner is organised on Monday evening at 20h00 (35 euros/person - see document attached to the agenda).
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