This Mini-Workshop is dedicated to discussions on the detector driven infrastructure needs for the ILC campus at the IP and at the central lab. Topics to be discussed include:

  • Latest news on the IP area, results from test drillings, adaptations of the surface infrastructure to the new site;

  • Requirements from ILD and SiD for surface infrastructure: assembly and buffer space, cranes, transportation;

  • Detector assembly plans with interdependencies on required infrastructures;

  • Common cryogenic facilities;

  • Requirements for central lab;

  • Review of handshake points between SiD and ILD: magnetic stray field limits, crane usage, cryo, etc.

Vidyo link for remote participation:

101, Ni-Go-Kan Bldg (K02)


The workshop will take place in room 101 of the Ni-Go-Kan Building at KEK, "K2" on this map:

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