ILC Communications Workshop

SUB-205 (University of British Columbia)


University of British Columbia

Vancouver, Canada
ILC Communications Workshop -- Vancouver July, 2006 The LCSGA Communications Committee is planning a half-day workshop for the afternoon of July 18, 2006 in conjunction with the Vancouver Linear Collider Workshop. The goal of this workshop is to understand and come to agreement on a inspirational, consistent, credible, sustainable and differentiating ILC communications strategy for building a consensus of support for the ILC both inside and outside the HEP community. ILC scientists and staff will be giving talks and communicating with scientific (both HEP and non-HEP) audiences. These talks must be clear, credible and consistent while demonstrating purposes and importance of the ILC. Workshop outcomes include clarifying primary ILC audiences and needs, communications goals, obstacles to successful communications, and mitigation strategies to ensure we achieve our communication goals. A pre-workshop survey will be distributed to participants. Please reply as it will significantly help us prepare for the workshop. Subsequent to this workshop the communications team will develop and maintain up-to-date presentation outlines, tools, materials and resources to assist ILC presenters throughout the world. The LCSGA Communication Committee members are Jonathan Bagger, Jim Brau, Neil Calder, Judy Jackson, Ritchie Patterson, and William Trischuk.