ILD Analysis/Software Meeting


Vidyo connection (meeting 10614863):

PIN : 7638

(phone connection)

Physics focus: Higgs/EW

    • 14:00 14:10
      Physics Coordinator's report - Part 1 10m
      Speaker: Keisuke Fujii
    • 14:10 14:20
      Physics Coordinator's report - Part 2 10m
      Speaker: Jenny List (Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron (DE))
    • 14:20 14:40
      Software Coordinator's report 20m
      Speaker: Frank Gaede
    • 14:40 15:00
      Measurement of Electroweak Couplings of individual light Quark Flavours 20m
      Speaker: Paul Malek (DESY)
    • 15:00 15:20
      Irreducible 4f backgrounds to H -> mu+mu- and related measurement of the W mass in W+W- -> l nu l nu at 250 GeV 20m
      Speaker: Graham Wilson

      Note. Based on recent correspondence with the Whizard authors, it is suspected that any W mass 
      dependence of the cross-section at ILC energies is much smaller than illustrated in the plots on mainly 
      slides 12-20 (but also visible in slides 8-11).  This seems to have to do with Whizard using the on-shell 
      mass scheme that defines the weak mixing angle in terms of mW and mZ rather than using other schemes 
      that set the couplings to values consistent with experimentally measured sin^2{theta}_eff values.

    • 15:20 15:40
      Higgs CP study in nunuH, H->tau tau 20m
      Speaker: Vladimir Bocharnikov
    • 15:40 16:00
      CP effects in H->tau tau 20m
      Speaker: Daniel Jeans
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