ILC-JP seasonal physics and detector meeting

3-go-kan, room 425 (KEK)

3-go-kan, room 425



Seasonal face-to-face meeting for the ILC-JP physics and detector community.

Main aim: review progress and talks for upcoming LCWS meeting.

Please register for the meeting by Oct 5 (Friday).

If enough people are interested in a dinner (express your interest in the registration form), we can organise one for after the meeting. Very few people requested dinner, so we will cancel this. Please make your own arrangements!


Please note change of room: we'll meet in 3-gokan, room 425.

  • Ahmed Mustahid
  • Aiko Shoji
  • Akiya Miyamoto
  • Daniel Jeans
  • Hitoshi Yamamoto
  • Junping Tian
  • Kazuki Fujii
  • Keisuke Fujii
  • Keita Yumino
  • Masakazu Kurata
  • Reima Terada
  • Ryo Yonamine
  • Takahiro Mizuno
  • Yasuhiro Sugimoto
  • Yosuke Kobayashi
  • Yuichi Okugawa
  • Yumi Aoki
  • Yuya Yoshimura
    • 09:30 09:50
      opening 20m
      Speakers: Prof. Hitoshi Yamamoto, Hitoshi Yamamoto
    • 09:50 10:10
      Study of HγZ coupling using e+e- -> γ H at the ILC 20m
      Speaker: Ms Yumi Aoki (SOKENDAI,KEK)
    • 10:15 10:35
      Study of H→Zγ branching ratio at the ILC 250GeV 20m
      Speaker: Kazuki Fujii (University of Tokyo)
    • 10:40 10:55
      break 15m
    • 10:55 11:15
      Status report on ee -> gammaZ analysis 20m
      Speaker: Takahiro Mizuno (Sokendai)
    • 11:20 11:40
      Measurement of the Left-Right Asymmetry in e+e- --> gamma Z at the 250 GeV ILC 20m
      Speaker: Takayuki Ueno (Tohoku University)
    • 11:45 12:05
      LCFIPlus performance 20m
      Speaker: Ryo Yonamine (Tohoku University)
    • 12:15 13:30
      Lunch 1h 15m
    • 12:40 13:30
      Exec board meeting 50m
    • 13:30 13:45
      Quark charge identification for e+e- to qq study 15m
      Speaker: yuto Uesugi (Kyushu)
    • 13:45 14:00
      Study of fermion pair production events at the ILC with center of mass energy of 250 GeV 15m
      Speaker: Yuto Deguchi
    • 14:00 14:20
      Vertex Charge Measurement on TTbar Semi-Leptonic Channel 20m
      Speaker: Yuichi Okugawa
    • 14:20 14:40
      tau reconstruction in e e -> tau tau at 500 GeV 20m
      Speaker: Mr Keita Yumino (SOKENDAI)
    • 14:40 15:00
      Simulation Status of ScECAL 20m
      Speaker: Mr Reima Terada (Shinshu University)
    • 15:00 15:10
      break 10m
    • 15:10 15:30
      Study of Pair-Monitor for ILC using Deep Learning 20m
      Speaker: Mr Yosuke Kobayashi (Tohoku University)
    • 15:35 15:55
      Studies on a TPC test beam using double GEM module with a gating foil 20m
      Speakers: Aiko Shoji, Aiko Shoji (Iwate University)
    • 16:00 16:20
      Sampling ECAL with segmented lead glass absorber 20m
      Speaker: Reima Terada (Shinshu University)
    • 16:25 16:45
      Performance evaluation of prototype of ScECAL with high gain MPPC 20m
      Speaker: Yuya Yoshimura
    • 16:45 16:50
      closing 5m
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