The 180th SiD Optimization Meeting

Dan Protopopescu

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Attending: Andrew, Andy, Chris, Dan, Davis, Jason, Marty 

No presentations scheduled for today; Jim at BNL; Round the table:

  • Chris was writing the conference proceedings for his two talks
  • Davies finished his studies and will move to something else (still SiD-related)
  • Andy: the UTA group has is recovering from a RAID array crash
  • Still waiting for signals from ILC; a formal announcement is expected in January from the Japan's Science Council; the KEK director will visit Europe in December; representatives of the MEXT will visit SLAC in February when a statement is expected. In parallel there are discussion on the role of 'physics and detectors' in the future pre-lab structure in addition to the accelerator and facilities units. Also discussions on the future structure of ILC (CERN-like?).
  • Chris mentioned that there was a CLIC presentation in Sendai on Conformal Tracking (given by Frank Simon); when asked about the exact advantages of CT in (u,v) coordinates vs. tracking in (x,y), FS did not have an answer; but it was mentioned that ILD has compared CT with x,y tracking and they have seen no evident improvements.

Next meeting: Dec 18th at 9:00AM PST 

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      Speakers: Aidan Robson (University of Glasgow, UK), Amanda Lynn Steinhebel (University of Oregon), Andrew Myers (University of Texas Arlington), Andy White (University of Texas at Arlington), Anne Schuetz (DESY, Germany), Bogdan Mishchenko, Bruce Andrew Schumm (University of California,Santa Cruz), Chris Potter (University of Oregon), Christopher Thomas Potter (University of Oregon), Dan Protopopescu (University of Glasgow, UK), Davis Austin (University Of Oregon), James Brau (University of Oregon), Jan Strube (PNNL), Jason Barkeloo (University of Oregon), Jim Brau (University of Oregon), Joel Goldstein (University of Bristol, UK), Joey Carlson (University of Oregon), Marcel Stanitzki (DESY, Germany), Martin Breidenbach (SLAC), Mengqing Wu (DESY, Germany), Ross McCoy (University of Texas at Arlington), Takayuki Ueno (Tohoku University, Japan), Thomas Markiewicz (SLAC), Yevgeniya Shtalenkova (SCIPP), Jack Driscoll (University of Texas Arlington)
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      Round the table 20m