The 183rd SiD Optimization Meeting

Dan Protopopescu

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Attending: Andy, Andy Myers, Amanda, Chris, Dan, Jason, Jim, Marty


  • ILC update will be given at the SLAC meeting on Feb 20, with Andy, Jim and Marty attending 
  • Andy will meet to discuss with UTA student interested in working on SiD
  • Chris provided the arXiv links for four (4) articles presented last week (will try to post links to these documents on the main site, and on the Confluence wiki)
    • Primer on ILC Physics and SiD Software Tools 

    • Correcting for Leakage Energy in the SiD Silicon-Tungsten ECal (LCWS19 Proceeding)

    • pySiDR: Python Event Reconstruction for SiD (LCWS19 Proceeding)

    • Energy Correction in Reduced SiD Electromagnetic Calorimeter

  • We should bring to date the list of SiD documents on the Confluence wiki (; one suggestion was to set up an input form and send a call for providing inputs 
  • Chris will use the new ILC cluster at UOregin to rerun simulations of the DBD samples using the DD4hep framework; he will present the details in a talk at the next optimization meeting  
  • Andy and Jim are in talks with the DoE for funding for the LC workshop in summer; will announce progress at the next meeting

Next meeting: either on Feb 26th or on Mar 4th, depending on developments during the next couple of days. Will announce the exact date on Monday.

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    • 09:00 09:10
      Upload area 10m
      Speakers: Aidan Robson (University of Glasgow, UK) , Amanda Lynn Steinhebel (University of Oregon) , Andrew Myers (University of Texas Arlington) , Andy White (University of Texas at Arlington) , Anne Schuetz (DESY, Germany) , Bogdan Mishchenko, Bruce Andrew Schumm (University of California,Santa Cruz) , Chris Potter (University of Oregon) , Christopher Thomas Potter (University of Oregon) , Dan Protopopescu (University of Glasgow, UK) , Davis Austin (University Of Oregon) , James Brau (University of Oregon) , Jan Strube (PNNL) , Jason Barkeloo (University of Oregon) , Jim Brau (University of Oregon) , Joel Goldstein (University of Bristol, UK) , Joey Carlson (University of Oregon) , Marcel Stanitzki (DESY, Germany) , Martin Breidenbach (SLAC) , Mengqing Wu (DESY, Germany) , Ross McCoy (University of Texas at Arlington) , Takayuki Ueno (Tohoku University, Japan) , Thomas Markiewicz (SLAC) , Yevgeniya Shtalenkova (SCIPP) , Jack Driscoll (University of Texas Arlington)
    • 09:10 09:30
      Round the table 20m