October 1, 2023
US/Eastern timezone

There is a broad understanding in the global high-energy physics community that the next major accelerator should be an e+e- collider dedicated to the precision study of the Higgs boson.   The opportunity to construct such a collider on the shortest possible timescale now lies with the International Linear Collider in Japan.  With the endorsement of the ILC by the Japan Association of High-Energy Physicists and its encouragement by the European Strategy for Particle Physics, the issue of community involvement in the ILC now moves to North America and, in particular, to the Snowmass 2021 Community Study and the P5 process in the US.

To encourage US participation in the ILC, the global community interested in this accelerator is preparing a report to Snowmass 2021 describing the ILC in all of its aspects.  This report will cover the ILC physics case, the current status of the accelerator design, the planned detectors for the ILC and potentially useful detector technologies, the planned measurements at 250 GeV and higher energies up to 1 TeV and at the Z pole, the theoretical interpretation of the ILC measurements, and the potential future of the ILC laboratory hosting accelerators at still higher energies.

The current, still preliminary, version of the report is posted at the menu link on the left.  This version will be updated from time to time.  Earlier posted versions will remain accessible at the Timetable link.  We plan to issue the first official version of the report in March 2022, on the schedule of the Snowmass 2021 contributed papers.   Updated versions will follow later in 2022.

We encourage all interested physicists to participate in the writing of this report by working with the chapter editors named in the document and by carrying out new studies in the context of Snowmass 2021.  We encourage all of those interested in endorsing this report to join the list of signatories by completing the Registration at this site.


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