The ILC International Development Team WG3 Physics Potential and Opportunities group is open to wide participation. The overall group and the various Topical Groups each have email lists that you are welcome to join.

Starting from 21st June please use the self-subscription facility to sign up to the mailing lists.

To join the overall Physics Potential and Opportunities group mailing list, please:

  1. send an email to: ilc-phys-request AT
    with "subscribe" in the subject or message of the email;
  2. reply to the confirmation mail, to complete the subscription.

For the individual Topical Groups, please follow the same procedure but using the address corresponding to each one:

Higgs ilc-phys-higgs-request AT
Top/Heavy flavour/QCD ilc-phys-tophfqcd-request AT
BSM ilc-phys-bsm-request AT
Electroweak ilc-phys-ew-request AT
Global Interpretations ilc-phys-globalint-request AT
Modelling and Precision Theory ilc-phys-modelling-request AT