ILC TPC Analysis Jamboree

Lecture Hall AS, Templergraben 64 (RWTH Aachen)

Lecture Hall AS, Templergraben 64

RWTH Aachen

Templergraben 64 52064 Aachen Germany
The idea of this analysis jamboree is to stimulate in-depth exchange between groups working on TPC R&D. Presentations should be informal with a lot of time for discussion. It is meant as a way for people working on the analysis of TPC data to share their experience and thoughts. The proposed topics are reconstruction and analysis algorithms (e. g. new developments in pattern recognition techniques, challenges posed by a continuous readout, particularities for pixel readouts, etc.) as well as the physics involved in particle detection with TPCs, starting from ionisation in the gas to signal build-up in the detector (e. g. charge spreading in gas amplification devices, gain fluctuations, etc.). Apart from presentations from the linear collider community, we also explicitly welcome contributions presenting methods or ideas from outside the ILC context in order to promote synergy between the communities. The talks should not be result-oriented as in a conference but method-oriented. It is also instructive to learn about failures or pitfalls experienced in applying certain techniques. Approximately 50 % of the available time will be reserved for discussions and common work. Practical information can be found on the jamboree web site