LET beam dynamics (Simulations)

Daniel Schulte (CERN), Kiyoshi Kubo (KEK)
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Latina, Coupler RF kick and Wake
Andrea Latina presented simulation results including Coupler Wake and Coupler RF kick, in Main Linac, BC1 and BC2. "New" coupler configuration (change angle of the down stream coupler) reduces the Coupler Wake but increases Coupler RF kick. In ML, using the "new" configuration and alternating direction of cryomodules (rotate 180 degree every RF-unit, 3 cryomodules or 26 cavities), emittance growth due to the coupler wake and RF kick will be small (0.3 nm). Large RF kicks of "new" configuration will induce large emittance growth in BCs. In BC1 and BC2, "old" configuration should be used and emittance growth will be 0.4 nm in BC1 and 1 nm in BC2. Andrea will send data of the Coupler Wake for cross checking.
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