16-21 April 2009
Tsukuba International Congress Center ( Epochal )
Asia/Tokyo timezone


ILD SW Workshop

16 Apr 2009, 10:00
Tsukuba International Congress Center ( Epochal )

Tsukuba International Congress Center ( Epochal )

2-20-3, Takezono, Tsukuba, Ibaraki, 305-0032, Japan


(Last update: 9 April 2009)

<font size=+1>Workshop goal</font>

The purpose of the workshop is to review status and needs for ILD software and start to develop a plan in post-LOI era.

<font size=+1>Workshop venue</font>

ILD SW Workshop will be held at KEK, which is about 10 km north of Epochal, Tsukuba Center, where TILC09 is held. The workshop is held at 4th building(Yon-Go-Kan Bldg.), 1st floor seminor room. KEK campus map is available at http://www.kek.jp/intra-e/map/index.html and 4th building is at ZONE-M, M02, Yon-Go-Kan Bldg.

<font size=+1>Access to KEK</font>

Access to KEK will be found at http://www.kek.jp/intra-e/access/index.html. The timetable of the local bus will be found at the bottom of
the access info. of TILC09, http://tilc09.kek.jp/access.php. English translations of some japanese HERE may be useful for travel in Tsukuba area

<font size=+1>WebEx</font>

The workshop will be connected to the WebEx. Please see the
instruction for WebEx connection

<font size=+1>Wireless Lan at KEK</font>

In order to connect your PC to KEK Lan, please follow the
procedure here.
It is recommended to register your PC before you come to KEK,
if you wish to use PC while in KEK.
This procedure is necessary for use in KEK only and not
necessary at Epochal.

<font size=+1>To speakers</font>

In order to leave enough time for discussions, all speakers are
requested to use only a half of allocated time for presentation
and leave the rest for discussion.

<font size=+1>Convener</font>

Frank Gade (DESY) and Akiya Miyamoto (KEK)

<font size=+1>Local contact</font>

Akiya Miyamoto

E-Mail: akiya.miyamoto @ kek.jp

Phone: +81-29-864-5371

Presentation Materials

Akiya Miyamoto (KEK)
16/04/2009, 10:00
Frank Gaede (DESY)
16/04/2009, 10:10
Akiya Miyamoto (KEK)
16/04/2009, 10:30
Mikael Berggren (DESY Hamburg)
16/04/2009, 10:50
Dr Taikan SUEHARA (The University of Tokyo)
16/04/2009, 11:20
16/04/2009, 11:40
Dr Niels Meyer (DESY)
16/04/2009, 13:30
Keisuke Fujii (IPNS, KEK)
16/04/2009, 14:00
Dr Steve Aplin (DESY)
16/04/2009, 14:30
Akiya Miyamoto (KEK) , Frank Gaede (DESY)
16/04/2009, 16:30
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