Jan 19 – 20, 2012
KEK Tsukuba
Japan timezone
The meeting is to be organized as a step for the ILC Global Design Effort (ILC-GDE) to reach the Technical Design Report by the end of 2012. The GDE project management and KEK Linear Collider Office will co-chair the meeting to coordinate the ILC ML & SCRF Baseline Technical Review (ML & SCRF BTR).
KEK Tsukuba
The 4th Building Seminar Hall
1-1 Oho, Tsukuba, 305-0801, Japan
ILC ML & SCRF Baseline Technical Review (ML & SCRF BTR) Meeting co-chaired by: Akira Yamamoto (GDE) and Seiya Yamaguchi (KEK LC office) in cooperation with Marc Ross and Nick Walker (GDE) Local Organizing committee: Head: Seiya Yamaguchi Scientific Secretary: Tetsuo Shidara Organizing secretary: Tomiko Shirakata Objectives: - Discuss baseline technology for the ILC TDR and the cost estimate, based on the PM generated list of RDR modifications, and - Reach consensus for the technical choice for the TDR cost base, - Establish action plan for further work and the assign - For each Subject, we must have 1) proposal presentation with describing what is to be changed and why, 2) summary of the R&D in support of the change, 3) summary of the interfaces and the impact on related systems/components, especially CFS, and 4) thorough explanation of the cost impact. General Plan: 1. PM's report of technical guideline and the list of RDR modification 1-1. General technical guideline for the TD report and the cost-estimates, 1-2. List of RDR design/parameter modifications, 2. TA Group Leader's reports to respond to the PM reports. 2-1. Main Linac Integration and interface to CFS 2-2. Cavity gradient performance 2-3. Cavity integration 2-4. Cryomodule, Cryogenics, and interface to CFS 2-5. RF Power and control and interface to CFS 2-6. Cost