Jan 19 – 20, 2012
KEK Tsukuba
Japan timezone



Please ensure your passport is valid until well after you plan to end your trip.If your current passport is due to expire within this period, then you must renew your passport before you depart.

If you need a VISA, we will send you the application form and it typically takes a few weeks for us to prepare. We ask you to make your request with a sufficient leading time. For this purpose, please provide us following information


  1. Name (in case of colleagues from China, both in Roman and Chinese characters):

  2. Sex:

  3. Affiliation and Titie:

  4. Nationality:

  5. Address / E-mail / Phone / Fax

  6. Birthday:

  7. Visiting schedule to Japan:

  8. Place to apply for Japan VISA:

  9. Airport of entry to Japan: (Most likely this is Narita

  10. Home Address / Phone

  11. Contact person in case of emergency in your country: Name / Phone / E-mail