ILD meeting 2013 in Cracow



Beata Krupa (Institute of Nuclear Physics Polish Academy of Sciences), Leszek Zawiejski (Institute of Nuclear Physics PAN, Cracow , Poland), Marek Idzik (AGH University of Science and Technology), Ties Behnke (DESY)
This is the fifth meeting of the ILD detector concept. Previous meetings took pace in Zeuthen (Germany), Seoul (Korea), LAL (France), University Paris (France), and Kyushu (Japan). ILD is a concept for a detector at the planned international linear collider, ILC. In a slightly modifed form ILD is also studied as a candidate for an experiment at the CLIC linear collider. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss the detector concept, develop a strategy for further optimization of the detector concept, and further the communication and exchange among the ILD members. A special focus of this meeting will be to plan the way ILD will develop over the next few years, as the ILC project moves forward after the delivery of the ILC TDR in June 2013. The meeting is open to any interested physicist, It will take place at the Institute of Nuclear Physics PAN in Cracow (Poland), ul. Radzikowskiego 152. The meeting will consist of a mixture of plenary and parallel discussions.

NEW!!! Today at about 3.00 p.m. (at the end of the first coffee break) we will take the group photo. Everybody is kindly requested to gather in the hall.

Additional information: Upon arrival you will receive a lunch block (for lunches on 24 - 26 September)  which should be shown in the canteen.

Please check often this web page. There will be posted any current organizational information.

  • Akimasa Ishikawa
  • Alberto Ruiz-Jimeno
  • Aleksander Filip Zarnecki
  • Arkadiusz Moszczyński
  • Astrid Muennich
  • Aura Rosca
  • Beata Krupa
  • Bogdan Pawlik
  • Christian BOURGEOIS
  • Christoph Schwanda
  • Claude Vallee
  • constantino calancha
  • Daniel Jeans
  • Deb Sankar Bhattacharya
  • Eduard Avetisyan
  • Enrique Calvo Alamillo
  • Felix Sefkow
  • Fernando Arteche
  • Frank Gaede
  • Frank Simon
  • gonnin alexandre
  • Graham Wilson
  • Gérald Grenier
  • Imad Laktineh
  • Ivan Vila
  • Jan Timmermans
  • Jaroslav Cvach
  • Jean-Claude Brient
  • Jenny List
  • Jerzy Kotuła
  • Jochen Kaminski
  • Karsten Buesser
  • Katja Krueger
  • Keisuke Fujii
  • Klaus Desch
  • Klaus Sinram
  • Klaus Zenker
  • Krzysztof Oliwa
  • Laci Andricek
  • Leszek Zawiejski
  • Lucia Bortko
  • Marc WINTER
  • Marek Idzik
  • Mark Thomson
  • Mary-Cruz FOUZ
  • Masakazu Kurata
  • Mikael Berggren
  • Nicholas Walker
  • Paul Colas
  • PAVY Sandrine
  • Roman Poeschl
  • Ronald Settles
  • Stefano Veneziano
  • Taikan Suehara
  • Takeshi Matsuda
  • Ties Behnke
  • Tohru Takeshita
  • Tomohiko Tanabe
  • Tomoyuki Sanuki
  • Toshiaki Tauchi
  • Trong Hieu Tran
  • Uwe Schneekloth
  • Vincent Boudry
  • Vladislav Balagura
  • Volker Prahl
  • Wataru Ootani
  • Witold Daniluk
  • Wojciech Wierba
  • Wolfgang Lohmann
  • Yasuhiro Sugimoto
  • Yorgos Voutsinas
  • Yuji Sudo