Sep 5 – 9, 2014
Oshu City, Iwate
Japan timezone

The ILD detector concept at the ILC will have its annual meeting in Oshu city close to Sendai, hosted by Tohoku University. During the meeting, the state of the ILD detector concept will be reviewed. In a mostly plenary form the technologies, the implementation, and the physics possible with ILD will be discussed.

The first day of the meeting will be a visit to the proposed ILC site in the Kitakami region.

The meeting is open to everyone interested in the ILD detector concept.

Please register for the meeting using the "Registration" menu item on the left.



The registration fee for the meeting is Yen 25000. Please pay this amount (in Yen) at the time of registration. Unfortunately we cannot accept bank transfers or credit card payments. 

The registration fee includes: 

- coffee breaks
- reception on the day of the excursion
- conference banquet
- transportation for the site excursion (sponsored by the local government)

Please note that you have to pay for food during the excursion yourself. 

Before and after the ILD meeting a number of topical meetings have been scheduled:

Just before the ILD meeting the ILC MDI group and the CFS group will have a meeting closeby (see for the agenda and further information).

The AHCAL group will meet the day before the ILD meeting:

The Silicon ECAL group will have a meeting after the ILD meeting, on the 10th of September, in Tokyo:

Please click here for the photo of the workshop.

Local organization by the Tohoku University Council for the Promotion of the ILC.
Supported by the Iwate Prefecture and the Iwate Conference for the Promotion of the ILC



Oshu City, Iwate
Mizusawa Grand Hotel
023-0818 Iwate, Ōshū, 水沢区東町40