Sep 5 – 9, 2014
Oshu City, Iwate
Japan timezone

Travelling to Oshu City

Oshu City is located in the Kitakami region in northern Japan, a few train stop north of sendai:

Oshu City is most easily reached by train ( The closets airport is Sendai airport, which is served for example with direct connection from major Japan airports.
From Sendai Airport to Sendai station, please use Sendai-airport access line to Sendai station[Time table].
Then from Sendai station to Mizusawaesashi station by Tohoku Shinkansen.

Narita Airport to Oshu City by trains.
For acccess from Nrita Airport to the venue, we basicaly recommed using trains.
For transpotations from Narita Airport to Tokyo; 
In oshu city, there are two stations, Mizusawaesashi station of Tohoku Shinkansen 
and Mizusawa station of Tohoku line. 
From Mizusawaesashi station to the venue, it takes about 15 minutes by car(taxi).
From Mizusawa station, it takes 3 minutes walk. 
For Mizusawa Satation of Tohoku line, please transit at Ichinoseki station.
Since not all Tohoku Shikansen stop at Mizusawaesashi station or Ichinoseki, 
please check Tohoku Shinkansen time table carefully.


Narita Airport to oshucity

Mizusawaesashi station to the vene

The conference location is located in 15 minutes drive distance from Mizusawaesashi station of Tohoku Shinkansen:

Mizusawaesashi to the Venue

Mizusawa station of Tohoku Line to the Venue

The conference location is located in walking distance from Mizusawa station of Tohoku main line: