6-10 July 2015
Europe/Zurich timezone

Subject:  HLRecoWS
Date:  Mo., Juli 6 2015
Start Time:  9:00:00
End Time:  13:00:00

Meeting URL:

Toll Free # -
Toll Number +12014794595

For the next step ILD optimisation study, high level reconstruction tools will play a crucial role on both detector and physics performance evaluation. Thanks to your remarkable developments on various aspects of high level reconstruction, which already show very promising improvements and address important impacts of detector design, we could have been proposing a workshop to most efficiently integrate those tools and publish them to one of the next ilcsoft releases.

It will be an expert workshop, aiming for getting done some real work and triggering discussion of interplay between individual tools. We anticipate the output of this workshop will enable more accurate and convincing detector performance benchmark hence will help greatly optimisation studies converge into several new ILD models.

A workshop fee of about 40-50 Euros will be collected at the on-site registration in cash. The fee includes a workshop dinner, details to be announced.

Main topics:

  • Particle ID
  • pi-0 / tau reconstruction
  • Vertex finding
  • Flavour tag
  • Vertex charge
  • Truth algorimths
  • Jet finding
  • Kinematic Fitting
  • BeamCal reconstruction
  • DST format


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