Mar 7 – 9, 2016
ITO Campus, Kyushu University
Japan timezone

Travel & Accommodations

Fukuoka City and Kyushu University

Fukuoka city is around 900 km west from Tokyo, the largest city in Kyushu Island, having around 1.5 million population. Fukuoka is easily accessible with planes and bullet trains (Shinkansen). On the north shore of Japan, Fukuoka is famous for good view of islands and fresh seafood. The climate of Fukuoka in March is rather mild, temperature between 5-15C, with some chance of rain.

The new ITO campus of Kyushu University is located around 10 km west from the center of Fukuoka city. Since most of hotels are located at the city center (only very few exist in the west region), you probably have to take a bus or/and a subway to get to the venue. 

Getting to Fukuoka by plane

Most of international participants are expected to get to Fukuoka by plane. Fukuoka airport is very near the Fukuoka city center and thus very convenient. There are frequent flights (more than every 30 minutes, 2nd busiest route in Japan) from Tokyo/Haneda, and at least a few flights per day from major airports in Japan (Tokyo/Narita, Osaka, Nagoya, etc.). There are also international flights from most of Asian hub airports (Seoul, Beijing, Shanghai, Bangkok, Singapore, etc.). 

Access to the city center from the airport is simple; you can just take a subway from the airport. Every train goes to Hakata (2nd stop, 260 yen) and Tenjin (5th stop, 260 yen) and it only takes 5-10 minutes. Some trains go directly to the nearest station to Kyushu University, if you want to come to the venue directly. See below.

Getting to Fukuoka by Shinkansen

Some train freaks may like to come by the bullet train. The Hakata station is directly connected to Tokyo by Shinkansen, but it takes around five hours, and rather expensive. It's more convenient to go to western cities such as Kyoto, Osaka and Hiroshima. From Hakata station, you can take subway or bus to go to Kyushu University, as written below.

Access to the meeting place

The meeting will take place at INAMORI Hall in ITO Campus, Kyushu University.

For those who stay near Hakata station.

You may use either of the two routes:

  • The Fukuoka City Subway and the Showa Bus: See here.
  • The Nishitetsu Express Bus: Take a bus bounded for "Kyudaisougouguraundo", and get off at "Kyudai Rigakubu-mae". Bus stop (Hakata Ekimae A) Timetable

For those who stay in Tenjin area:

It is recomended to use the Fukuoka City Subway and the Showa Bus. The Nishitetsu Express Bus, that starts at Hakata Ekimae-A (see above), may be already crowded at Tenjin bus stops. See here.


There are many reasonable hotels near Hakata Station and in Tenjin Area. We ask you to book your rooms by yourselves. A short list of recommended hotels is shown below.

Recommended hotels on a google map

Hotels near Hakata Station:

Hotels in Tenjin area: