Mar 7 – 9, 2016
ITO Campus, Kyushu University
Japan timezone



Nationals of certain countries are required to acquire adequate visas before entering Japan. Please visit and check the visa requirement.

If you need an entrance visa to Japan, you should prepare the necessary paperwork with a sufficient amount of lead time. An invitation letter to CALICE 2016 participants can be provided by the organization team upon request. For security reasons this letter can only be made available to registered participants and accompanying persons. After the registration, please contact us as soon as possible, by sending the following information to

1. Family name: 
2. First name:
3. Middle name:
4. Family name in Chinese character if you are Chinese: 
5. First name in Chinese character if you are Chinese:
6. Nationality:
7. Affiliation:
8. Position:
9. Sex:
10. Birthday (yyyy/mm/dd):
11. Place to apply for Japanese Visa:
12. Embassy or consulate ?:

13. Arrival information:
      13.1 Date of arrival (yyyy/mm/dd): 
      13.2 Point of departure for Japan: 
      13.3 Point of arrival to Japan: 
      13.4 Arriving flight number: 

14. Departure information:
      14.1 Date of departure (yyyy/mm/dd):
      14.2 Point of departure from Japan:
      14.3 Point of arrival of your return flight:
      14.4 Departing flight number:

15. Hotel / Place to stay in Japan: 
      15.1 :  

16. A past record of visits to Japan, if any.:
--- The most recent visit: 
       16.1 Date of arrival:
       16.2 Date of departure:
       16.3 Purpose of visit:
--- The second most recent visit:  
       16.4 Date of arrival:
       16.5 Date of departure:
       16.6 Purpose of visit:

17. The address to send the document for VISA:

18. Phone number:

19. Fax number:

20. A copy of a page with your picture in your passport, as an image file attached to the mail: