Jul 6 – 8, 2016
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Besides the KEK Dormitory, you can choose your accommodation from some hotels in Tsukuba.

Hotel information in Tsukuba

➠ Okura Frontier Hotel and Urban Hotel offer KEK rates and shuttle bus services between the hotel and KEK for the workshop delegates. A block of rooms has been reserved at these two hotels from 5th July to 8th July (for three nights). All rates quoted are per room, per night, and include taxes.
If you would like to take this advantage, please make a reservation by 20 June.
Please note that the booking will not be completed until you reserve a confirmation email from the Hotel.


>>>  Okura Frontier Hotel

Okura Frontier Hotel is two minute walk from Tsukuba Station.

Room type: Double (Main Bldg.) (10 rooms)
KEK rate: 11,800 yen (breakfast included)
Please send the Hotel a reservation request via this E-Mail.

Information for reservation

  1. Name:
  2. Arrival Date: (dd/mm/2016)
  3. Departure Date: (dd/mm/2016)
  4. Smoking: Yes or No
  5. Other requests:

>>> Urban Hotel

Urban Hotel is 20 minute walk to KEK, and offers a free shuttle bus between Tsukuba Station and the hotel on request, which takes about 15 minutes.

Room type: Semi-double C type  (15 rooms), Single A type (5 rooms)
KEK rate: 6,200 yen (+ breakfast at 860 yen on request)
Please make a reservation via this web page.
(In order to
 login to the page, you need a password, which will be sent to you by e-mail from the Program Committee)

 KEK Dormitory

You can reserve a room at KEK Dormitory by yourself after you complete the KEK user registration, which can be done at this web page. Additional information required in the registration process for the workshop delegates can be found here.

Once your user registration is approved, you will receive a reply with a temporary password from the KEK Users Office. Please change the temporary password within 48 hours, otherwise you will need to register again.

>>>  Reservation for accommodation
        Vacancies of Dormitory

Room rates:
Single room (with bath & toilet): 2,000 yen
Single room (without bath & toilet): 1,500 yen

The booking can be accepted only within 45 days ahead of the stay, so please wait until 21 May.



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