ILC Snowmass group




1.  Hitoshi Murayama:    Introduction of the ILC International Development Team;  what are the plans for the next 1.5 years ?

2.  Junping Tian:   Update on the Snowmass Energy Frontier. What should we prepare for the major Snowmass Community Meeting in the week of Oct. 5 ?

3.  Michael Peskin:    (very brief)   announcement of   Americas Workshop on Linear Colliders,  Oct. 19-22 at virtual SLAC

4.  Preparations for our first official Snowmass tutorial set for Friday, August 28    8am Pacific / 11 am US East Coast

          Chris Potter:     Status of the data repository at SLAC ;  what is available now ?                    
          Jenny List:       Status of the ILCSnowmass simulation tools ;  what is available, and with what documentation ?
          Jenny, Chris, Shin-ichi:   Program for the first ILCSnowmass tutorial    

5.  Discussion of the proposal for a general e+e-  Delphes card

6.   Any other business

The agenda of this meeting is empty