Mar 3 – 4, 2009
Cockcroft Institute
GMT timezone
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An ICFA workshop

This is a joint IPPP Durham/Cockcroft Institute/ICFA workshop on advanced QED methods for future accelerators. The workshop emphasis is on bunch-bunch interactions and aspects of polarised beams, in the context of future high-energy e+e- colliders.

With the advent of high-luminosity electron-positron accelerators working at the TeV energy scale and with the resulting extreme environments expected during bunch-bunch collisions, urgent further attention must be given to the impact of quantum effects on the design of such machines.

In particular, formalisms for describing radiative processes and the methods of calculation in the future strong-field environments must be reviewed and the boundaries of validity of higher order perturbative calculations determined.

Thus the central aim of the workshop is to make progress on the development of exact theoretical methods for evaluating beam induced effects (beamstrahlung, bremsstrahlung, etc.) and spin dynamics for the beam conditions at TeV colliders.

Methods of calculation to be reviewed include, but are not limited to, inclusion of the fields at Lagrangian level, the "Operator'' method for ultra-relativistic particles and QED calculations using light-cone coordinates.

Reports on the status of the models implemented in existing simulation codes will be given, and discussions about ways to improve these models and estimate the remaining theoretical uncertainties are planned.

Papers arising from the workshop will be published in the Journal of Physics Conference Series.

Cockcroft Institute
Walton Room C
Daresbury Laboratory. Warrington Cheshire WA4 4AD UK