Dec 16 – 18, 2014
Seminar hall
Japan timezone
This is the 4th annual meeting of the JSPS specially promoted research ‘A global research and development program of a state-of-the-art detector system for ILC’. The ILC is in a critical juncture now, and needs further refinement of its physics case and justification of cost and schedule. Also, the ILC detector groups are undergoing a period of transition where the structure is re-organized and the detector design is re-optimized. This workshop will focus on these important topics related to detector efforts.

The venue is the seminar room, 1st floor, "San-gou-kan" (Building 3) of KEK. 

A public lecture will be organized on 17 December (Wed.) at Kobayashi Hall. The topic is cosmology and the lecture will be given by Prof. Naoshi Sugiyama of Nagoya University. It is in Japanese and intended for the general employees of KEK such as technical and administrative support staff.
杉山 直 教授(名古屋大学 大学院 理学研究科)による一般講演「暗黒に支配される宇宙 」が12月17日(水曜)17:40-18:40 に小林ホールにて開催されます。この講演会は参加申し込み不要です。講演の詳細は、 をご覧ください。

A banquet is held after the public lecture at the 1st floor lobby of "Ichi-go-kan" (Building 1)

Those who participate the workshop should register in advance. Please fill the registration form and submit the registration.  The registration fee is 5000 yen and payable by Japanese cash only at the on-site registration desk.  The fee for students is 3000 yen. The fee includes the cost of the banquet, drinks and snacks during the workshop. The workshop is open to everybody and new participants are highly welcome.

The deadline of the registration is 6 December, 2014.  Please register by then.

The deadline of the registration has been extended.

The workshop will be connected to the Fuze meeting with the following URL's;
16/Dec: After Miyahara's talk


Organizing Committee:

Hitoshi Yamamoto (Chair), Akimasa Ishikawa, Keisuke Fujii, Akiya Miyamoto(LOC chair), Toshiaki Tauchi, Yasuhiro Sugimoto, Tomohiko Tanabe, Tohru Takeshita, Kiyotomo Kawagoe, Akira Sugiyama


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Seminar hall
3rd building, 1st floor