Sep 7 – 10, 2010
KEK, Seminar hall, 1st floor, 4-goukan
Asia/Tokyo timezone
Organized by ILC-GDE Project Managers: Akira Yamamoto, Marc Ross, and Nick Walker Hosted and locally organized by KEK LC office: Chair: Seiya Yamaguchi Scientific Secretary: Tetsuo Shidara Administrative Secretary: Tomiko Shirakata 1. Main Subjects: 1) Single-tunnel ML design and High Level RF System (Sept. 7 - 8) 2) Accelerator Field Gradient for SCRF Cavity (Sept. 9 – 10) 2. Objectives and Goals: - Assessment of technical proposal in SB2009 - R&D plan and goal in TDP-2 - Impact across system interfaces, cost and schedule - Discussions toward consensus in GDE and Physics/Detector groups Participants to the workshop (requested) - GDE PMs/APMs - GDE ADI team / TAG leaders - Physics/Detector Representatives Participants anticipated - AAP and PAC members - Internal and external experts Final Proposal - see below (28 September 2010) Single-tunnel_TLCC_100927 Cavity-Gradient-TLCC_100927
KEK, Seminar hall, 1st floor, 4-goukan