5-6 March 2014
Europe/Paris timezone
Top quark production in the process e+e--> tt at a future linear electron positron collider with polarised beams is a powerful tool to determine the scale of new physics. Studies at the tt threshold will allow for precise determination of the top quark mass in a well defined theoretical framework. At higher energies vector, axial vector and tensorial CP conserving couplings can be separately determined for the photon and the Z^0 component in the electroweak production process. The direct observation of tth in the clean environment of e+e- collisions is another asset of the Linear Collider physics program. The full exploitation of the potential of top quark physics at the Linear Collider requires a very close collaboration between theoretical and experimental groups over the coming years. The workshop will bring together experts working in the field with the aim to contribute to a structured approach to the open questions. The workshop is jointly organised by LPNHE Paris and LAL Orsay by these people Emi Kou, François LeDiberder, François Richard, Dirk Zerwas, Didier Lacour and Roman Pöschl The programme committee is composed by Keisuke Fuji (KEK, keisuke.fujii@kek.jp), Wolfgang Hollik (MPP Muenchen, hollik@mpp.mpg.de), Didier Lacour (LPNHE Paris, Didier.Lacour@cern.ch) and Marcel Vos (IFIC Valencia, Marcel.Vos@cern.ch) NEW 27/7/14!!!! Workshop summary under http://flc.web.lal.in2p3.fr/poeschl/top-sum-v11.pdf
LPNHE - Barre 12-22, 1er étage 4 place Jussieu 75252 PARIS CEDEX 05 Tel 01 44 27 63 13 (see also Venue Map below)
!!!!!!!!Latest News!!!!!!! Diner ==== The Diner will take place at the restaurant Terroir Parisien 20 Rue Saint-Victor, 75005 Paris ‎ 01 44 31 54 54 ‎ The Diner will start at on the 5/3/14 at 1900h. The price will be 50 EUR/person. More details above or in the Timetable Getting to LPNHE =========== The LPNHE is in the heart of Paris. It is served by two Metro lines (7 and 10, Stop Jussieu). It is in walking distance from the RER B station 'St. Michel Notre Dame' (10 min.). This RER B serves the two airports CDG and Orly as well as the Gare du Nord railway station. Video Services ========= A remote connection using the in2p3 RMS service has been set up. The connection details are as follows (Hints to connect via Vidyo at the end of these instructions ------------------- CONFERENCE --------------------- Title: top @ ILC Start: Wed Mar 5 09:00:00 2014 Duration: 10:00 Number of connections estimate: 10 Comments: (none) ---------------- To JOIN THE CONFERENCE ---------------------- Conference number: 9524 (end with #) Password: 1436 (end with #) To join the conference from your system : IP: Telephone or ISDN: +33 (0)4 26 68 73 05 GDS: +33 (0)4 26 68 73 05 9524 SIP: sip:9524@ccmsem04.renater.fr H.323: h323:9524@ccmsem04.renater.fr ------------------- CONFERENCE --------------------- Title: top @ ILC Start: Thu Mar 6 09:00:00 2014 Duration: 04:00 Number of connections estimate: 10 Comments: (none) ---------------- To JOIN THE CONFERENCE ---------------------- Conference number: 8472 (end with #) Password: 5125 (end with #) To join the conference from your system : IP: Telephone or ISDN: +33 (0)4 26 68 73 04 GDS: +33 (0)4 26 68 73 04 8472 SIP: sip:8472@ccmsem03.renater.fr H.323: h323:8472@ccmsem03.renater.fr Connecting with Vidyo ------------------- The VidyoDesktop (http://information-technology.web.cern.ch/services/fe/vidyo) can be used as a H.323 client. For this you to make a direct call to the IP Address (Wednesday) (Thursday) For some unknown reasons it may be needed to call 21193.48.95.84 (Wednesday) 21193.48.95.83 (Thursday) Under Windows and Mac the Vidyo Menu offers then a dial pad in which you can type the Conference Number and the Password. This is not possible under Linux (to my knowledge). you can of course always dial in via telephone.