SiD Workshop January 2015

Building 48 Redwood C/D (SLAC)

Building 48 Redwood C/D


Andy White (University of Texas at Arlington) , Marcel Stanitzki (DESY)
This will be SiD's first workshop after P5 The meeting will focus on SiD's way forward, detailed discussion on potential changes to the Baseline design and a review of the ongoing SiD R&D and discuss the R&D needs and opportunities for new groups to become involved. Also there will be detailed discussions on site-specific issues and the developments in Japan
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  • Andy White
  • Bruce Schumm
  • Burak Bilki
  • Christopher Potter
  • David Asner
  • Dmitri Denisov
  • Felix Sefkow
  • Fergus Wilson
  • Gerald (Jerry) Blazey
  • Jan Strube
  • Jeffrey Gronberg
  • Jeremy McCormick
  • Jim Brau
  • Joel Goldstein
  • Jose Repond
  • Karsten Buesser
  • Kenneth Moffeit
  • Malachi Schram
  • Marcel Demarteau
  • Marcel Stanitzki
  • Marco Oriunno
  • Martin Breidenbach
  • Masanobu Miyahara
  • Nikolai Sinev
  • Norman Graf
  • Paul Grannis
  • Philip Burrows
  • Richard Kriske
  • Richard Kriske
  • Rosa Simoniello
  • Satish Dhawan
  • Takashi Maruyama
  • Thomas Markiewicz
  • Tim Nelson
  • Timothy Barklow
  • Tony Johnson
  • Vitaliy Fadeyev
  • Yasar Onel
  • Yasuhiro Sugimoto
  • Yoshinobu Nishimoto