Oct 26 – 29, 2021
Fully online format
Asia/Tokyo timezone

First Circular

ILC Workshop on Potential Experiments (ILCX2021)

First Circular (July 28, 2021)

The international workshop on potential ILC experiments (ILCX2021) will be held at KEK Tsukuba campus, Japan from October 26 to 29, 2021.
The workshop is organized by the ILC International Development Team (IDT), and hosted by KEK and the JAHEP ILC Steering Panel.

Due to the uncertainties with the COVID-19 situation, final decision between a hybrid meeting on the KEK site vs a fully online meeting will be made sometime in late August or early September.

1. Scope of the workshop

With the anticipation that the ILC will be realized in the near future, we would like to expand discussions about all possible experimental opportunities at the ILC laboratory.
The workshop will address all the aspects of the collider program at the Interaction Point (IP), including, in addition to the established concepts, ideas for new detector technologies or concepts, detector performance and physics reach, software and computing, and theoretical developments. In addition, we will discuss possible beam dump experiments, forward detectors near the IP, off-axis far detectors, experiments with extracted beams for particle physics and other areas of science, including e.g. nuclear physics, or condensed matter physics.
Some of these ideas will require additional infrastructure and civil engineering, and therefore need to be incorporated into the ILC site planning.

2. Date

October 26 (Tue) to 29 (Fri), 2021

3. Conference venue

KEK Tsukuba campus
(1-1 Oho, Tsukuba, Ibaraki, 305-0801 JAPAN)

4. Program

At this point, the following topics are being considered for sessions:

 - Software / Computing
 - Calorimeters
 - Tracking detectors
 - New technologies & ideas for collider detectors
 - Industry forum
 - Six topical groups:
    - Higgs properties
    - Top / heavy flavour / QCD
    - BSM particle production
    - Electroweak physics
    - Global interpretations
    - Modeling and precision theory
 - Transversal task forces:
    - MDI-CFS
    - MDI-BDS
    - Detector & Technology (D&T) performance studies
    - MC sample production
    - Communication
    - Fixed target / Dark sectors
 - Detector engineering (material support, cooling, power)
 - A few sessions on machine

    MDI: Machine-Detector Interface
    CFS: Conventional Facilities and Siting
    BDS: Beam Delivery System

Link to a temporally timetable: https://agenda.linearcollider.org/event/9211/page/290-sessions#timetable

[Note] During the workshop, a free shuttle bus service from KEK to hotels will be provided after the late night session. Onsite lunch and dinner in each day will be also served at cost.
A visit to ILC-related facilities (STF, ATF etc.) at KEK Tsukuba campus is being arranged during the workshop.

5. Optional program

In the case of a hybrid meeting, an excursion to Iwate and the candidate ILC site tour are being planned on Oct 25 if the COVID-19 situation permits.

6. Web page


7. Registration

Pre-registration has opened.

After the final decision is made hybrid or fully online, pre-registrants will be asked to register for on-site participation. At that time, pre-registrants will be required to pay the registration fee and make reservations for accommodation, meals, and optional tours.

8. Accommodation

For onsite participants, block reservation of hotel rooms in Tsukuba-center area or near KEK area is available. The KEK dormitory is also available for a limited number of participants (mainly for students).

9. Organization

 - Organizing Committee


 - International Advisory Committee (TBC)


 - Program Committee


 - Local Organizing Committee


10. Correspondence

ILCX2021 Secretariat
email: ilcx2021[at]ml.post.kek.jp

High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (KEK)
International Project Promotion Office
1-1 Oho, Tsukuba, Ibaraki, 305-0801 JAPAN