SiD Workshop October 2013

Building 48 Redwood C/D (SLAC)

Building 48 Redwood C/D


Andy White (University of Texas at Arlington), Marcel Stanitzki (DESY)
This will be SiD's first workshop after the completion of the Detailed Baseline Design and the end of the SnowMass Process in the US. It will take place from October 14th to 16th (noon), 2013 at SLAC.

The meeting will focus on SiD's way forward and will cover SiD's new structure after the finalization of the DBD, a review of the ongoing SiD R&D and discuss the R&D needs and opportunities for new groups to become involved.

Finally, there will be a discussion on SiD's future plans, with a focus on getting SiD ready to become an experiment at the ILC.
  • Andy White
  • Bruce Schumm
  • Carsten Hast
  • Dmitry Onoprienko
  • Doug Wright
  • Felix Sefkow
  • Fergus Wilson
  • Gerald Eigen
  • Harry Weerts
  • Homer Neal
  • James Brau
  • JoAnne Hewett
  • John Jaros
  • Jose Repond
  • Juergen Reuter
  • Karsten Buesser
  • Kenneth Moffeit
  • Klaus Sinram
  • Malachi Schram
  • Marcel Stanitzki
  • Marco Oriunno
  • Martin Breidenbach
  • Michael Peskin
  • Nikolai Sinev
  • Norman Graf
  • Philip Burrows
  • Richard Kriske
  • Satish Dhawan
  • Sophie Redford
  • Takashi Maruyama
  • Thomas Markiewicz
  • Thomas Rizzo
  • Tim Nelson
  • Timothy Barklow
  • Tony Johnnson
  • Yasar Onel
  • Ying Liu