28 May 2018 to 2 June 2018
Fukuoka International Congress Center
Asia/Tokyo timezone


Second Bulletin

(26th May)

Please upload your slides to Indico well before starting your session.
Because of the remote connection provided in the most of the session
you are requested to use the PC in the room instead of your own PC.
If you want to use your own PC, please tell so to your conveners.
If you have difficulty uploading the material, please ask LOC or
your conveners. LOC room is 407 in 4th floor.

Registration is at the lobby of 5th floor, starting at 8:20.
The session will start at 9:00 sharp and we expect several VIPs' messages
at the beginning, so please come to the registration
with enough margin to the starting time.

If you have not paid yet, please pay first at the payment desk to
collect your receipt and then come to the usual registration desk.
You can pay by cash or credit card.
Please note the credit card payment is only possible at Monday and Tuesday.

We will provide tickets of the lunches and dinners according to your input at indico.
Please let us know if you find some mistakes or you want to change.
(We will try, but we will not sure if we can change,
especially for the conference dinner.)

After the morning session, registration desk will move to room 407, 4th floor.

The LOC staffs and support students wear staff T-shirts (with Hello Kitty),
and red name tag holders.
Please feel free to ask anything if you need.

According to the weather forcast, Monday is rainy and most of other days
in the week is cloudy. Temperature range in the forcast is 17-27 C.
Probably we will take our group photo before
the morning coffee break on Wednesday.

First bulletin

(18th May)

1. Lunch

The plan of the lunch menu we will provide is:

28th Mon. : Japanese style lunch box
29th Tue. : Choice of Chinese, Indian and Japanese lunch box
30th Wed. : Lighter lunch box (before dinner)
31th Thu. : Pizza, sushi and rice balls (pick and go)
1st Fri. : Sandwiches

We are trying not to bore you with maximum variety of foods,
but probably eating outside for 1 or 2 days can be a better choice,
especially if you want to hunt some local cuisine.
We will provide a restaurant map upon your arrival.

If you plan to skip some lunches, please modify your indico registration
by *** 23rd May (next Wednesday) ***.
We will fix the order based on the number obtained at daytime of 24th May.

We asked to write your food constraint at the registration.
If you are allergic or have some restriction on foods, please write it down.
We will try to find some foods compatible to your request if possible.

2. Weather in Fukuoka

Weather in Fukuoka in end of May is mild, temperature usually in between 15-25 C.
It can be slightly hot on some days, at maximum up to 30.
It is at the beginning of the rainy season in Japan. Probability of rain is
not so high, but it's better to take a small unbrella to prepare for occasonal shower.

You can check the weather forcast at eg.

3. Getting to the venue

I think most of the people will come via Fukuoka airport.
Fukuoka aiport is located in a very convenient place.
You can take subway and ride for 2 to 5 stops to the main area
of Fukuoka city where most of you should stay during the conference.

The venue, Fukuoka International Congress Center is at walking distance
from the city center. The nearest station is "Gofukumachi" in
subway Kaizuka line. You should go up at exit 3 of the station.
Around the stairs of the station there is a sign of the congress center.
Just go straight for around 10 minutes after going up to surface
until you reach a round-shaped tower.
The congress center is just the next to the tower on the right.

Alternatively you can walk 15 minutes from Nakasu-kawabata station,
or you can take a bus from Tenjin or Hakata station.
For details, please look at

4. Reception and conference dinner

Welcome reception will take place in Fukuoka Sunpalace just next to the congress center,
from 18:30 on Monday. The ticket is included in the registration fee.
There will be a buffet dinner and a booth of Tonkotsu-Ramen (which is a speciality noodle
of Fukuoka region).

Conference dinner will take place in Hotel Okura Fukuoka, which is 15-minutes walk
from the congress center, on Wednesday from 19:00.
We will guide you to the place if you directly go from the congress center.
If you wish to pass by your hotels please go by yourself. 
It's next to the subway Nakasu-Kawabata station.

Hotel Okura website:

The ticket is included in the registration fee.
The dinner will be French style but featuring some local ingredients.

5. Starting time

The first session on Monday will start from 9:00 sharp.
Please come to the vanue at around 8:30 to take some time for the onsite registration.
(We have some VIPs in the first session so please do not be late.)
Please also note that the session of Wednesday and Friday will start earlier, from 8:30.