Americas Workshop on Linear Colliders 2017 (AWLC17)

SLAC National Accelerator Lab

SLAC National Accelerator Lab

2575 Sand Hill Road Menlo Park, CA 94025 USA
Bruce Andrew Schumm (University of California,Santa Cruz (US)), Bruce Schumm, Michael Peskin, Norman Graf (SLAC), Thomas Markiewicz, Tim Barklow

Welcome to the Americas Workshop on Linear Colliders 2017. AWLC17 is the next in a series of regional linear collider workshops held around the world. The purpose of the workshop is the continued development of the physics case, and the advancement of detector and accelerator designs for a high energy linear electron-positron collider. The workshop will feature meetings of the global R&D collaborations on detector and accelerator technology.

The major plenary session, with updates on the ILC and CLIC projects, will be held on Thursday afternoon.   Thursday morning, there will be a special session on detector R&D for the LHC high-luminosity era.

The home page of the meeting is found at the web site: .

We are eager to receive proposals for parallel session talks on detector technology, accelerator technology, and new physics ideas within and beyond the Standard Model. Please send your abstract to the conveners of the appropriate working group.